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Top 10 Pba Imports


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1. bobby Parks

2. B.R> Bates

3. David Thirdkill

4. Lamont Strothers

5.Tony Harris

6. Norman Black

7. Terq Mott

8.Carlos Briggs

9.John Best

10. Sean Chambers


couldve been

art long

jumping joe ward

julius nwosu

jermaine walker

stevin smith

ronnie thompkins

ro ellis

kenny travis

ken redfield

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well, i really liked the andy fields - donnie ray koonce tandem. they dominated the field back when the open conference was played with two imports at a time.


andy#1fields and donnie ray koonce - tandem da best din for me. di na mayabang, simple hardworking folks :thumbsupsmiley:


billy robinson

byron 'snake' jones

tom cowart

larry mcneill

michael hackett

billyray bates

glen mcdonald

norman black

bobby parks

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no particular order:


1. Norman Black

2. Lamont Strothers

3. Kenny Travis

4. Devin Davis

5. Ken Redfield

6. John Best

7. Tony Harris

8. Terq Mott

9. Chris King

10. Bobby Parks


I was unfortunate to watch the old imports of the 80's, 89 na ako nanood eh...haha!


I just like the styles of the 10 picks i had...especially the competitiveness and intensity....;)

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ako base ko sa generation ko started watching the PBA in 1989, so may malilimutan akong import dito, yung mga teams siguro magmimix up din ng konti


In any order


1. Bobby Parks - San Miguel and Shell

2. Lamont Stroters(badtrip nde ko alam spelling) - San Miguel

3. Kenny Redfield - Pepsi/7Up, Purefoods, Shell and Santa Lucia

4. Tony Harris - Swift

5. Derek Hamilton - Alaska

6. Sean Chambers - Alaska

7. Jervis Cole - Ginebra

8. Terquin Mott - Mobiline, and San Miguel

9. Kenny Travis - San Miguel

10. Chris King(first tour of duty) - Ginebra

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1. Bobby "Spiderman" Parks - 7 time best import

2. John Best - ala Reggie Miller

3. Donald Willians - Clutch Player. Former NCAA Player of the Year

4. Derrick Hamilton - Magaling per adik

5. Russell Ellis - Simple maglaro pero effective

6. Ryan "the Terminator" Fletcher - White import can jump!

7. Tony Harris - Import na nka score ng 100 pts

8. Derrick Canada - Masipag na import

9. Ronnie Coleman - Masipag na import

10. Silas Mills - Magaling pero volatile

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Billy Ray Bates - Crispa/Ginebra

Michael Hackett - Ginebra

Michael Young - Great Taste

Tony Harris - Swift

Dexter Shouse - Shell

Glenn Hagen - Crispa

Glenn McDonald - Utex

David Thirdkill - Tanduay

Bobby Parks - San Miguel/Shell

Norman Black - Great Taste/San Miguel


I agree with this list. If I may add, in place of Glenn Hagen, it should be Bruce "Sky" King of Toyota. In place of Norman Black, it should be Byron "Snake" Jones of Utex. and Carlos Terry of Toyota in place of Dexter Shouse.

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David Thirdkill - Tanduay


thirdkill was also purefoods' import in the 1st conference during their inaugural season (1988) ... i was a tanduay fan back then but after they disbanded (in 1987), i shifted my "allegiance" to purefoods since they inherited most of the tanduay players (e.g. mon fernandez, padim israel, etc.) plus rookies lastimosa, capacio, and codinera (partrimonio joined purefoods during the 2nd conference)


purefoods made the finals in their maiden conference and took san miguel to a game 7 ... thirdkill scored something like 17 points in that game (this was the time when imports were expected to score 40+ points) ... needless to say, i was pissed off :-(

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