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Top 10 Pba Imports


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Anybody remembers the exhibition game between the PBA selection (including imports) and the NBA champs Washington Bullets?  I remember Joe Cantada introducing the PBA selection as the  CANONBALLS to the delight of everybody at the Araneta Coliseum.

Oh yes!!!

The Bullets didn't even have their full team for that match. They were on an Asian tour. I remember the great Wes Unseld giving two forearms to Larry McNeill. Elvin Hayes dominated the offensive boards and made so many follow-ups. I don't think Jamaal Wilkes came, but I'm not sure about that. What I didn't like about that game was that it turned into PBA imports vs. the Washington Bullets. I believe our team consisted of five imports and seven locals. And our imports couldn't handle even the second stringers of the Bullets.

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In no particular order din:


Winston Crite (Presto Tivoli)

Derrik Hamilton (Alaska)

Bobby Parks (Shell)

Tony Harris (swift)

Sean Chambers (Alaska)

Chris Porter (Ginebra)

Ansu Sesay (Sta. Lucia)

Chris King (Ginebra)

Kenny Redfield (Shell)

Yung Import ng Alaska dati na long hair nung nagchampion sila! Sorry nakalimutan ko na yung pangalan e!!! :lol: Peace!!!

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Guest airmax

1. billy ray bates

2. michael hackett

3. joe ward

4. jervis cole

5. carlos briggs

6. chris king

7. willie bland

8. cyrus mann

9. glen hagan

10. donnie ray koonce

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I read this article in the phil. daily inquirer regarding imports that have played in the PBA:


"Imports tell NY Times PBA far too tough


First posted 06:17am (Mla time) April 24, 2006

By Francis Ochoa





Editor's Note: Published on page A36 of the Apr. 24, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

THE PHILIPPINE Basketball Association is no longer getting the type of imports it used to. And those who manage to get here are finding the situation far too tough.

"You might get off the plane on Friday, and if you don't play good you could be gone next week," said James Hodges III, an agent based in Atlanta, in an interview with the New York Times. Hodges also played as an import in the PBA in 1996.

The article in the Times revealed the pressure US players feel in the PBA, citing as an example ex-DePaul University standout Quemont Greer and NBA veteran Darvin Ham.

Greer played for Red Bull in the last Fiesta Conference. With Greer at the forefront averaging over 27 points a game, the Barako made it past the elimination phase and survived the knockout rounds.

Red Bull, though, won the title with James Penny, who replaced Greer in a decision by coach Yeng Guiao that turned out to be a stroke of genius.

But even then, Penny, 29, found the situation a bit


"Usually, when something like this happens the team is struggling," Penny told the Times. "You don't come in and try to replace somebody who's the leading scorer in the league with his team being in second or third place. It's kind of iffy to me."

Ham, highly touted before actually slipping into a uniform and playing here for the Talk 'N Text Phone Pals, had it worse. He played three games, the Phone Pals were eliminated and he felt that he became a target in the league.

He said in the Times article that playing in the PBA was like "'hooping in handcuffs' because he had jet lag and he was unfamiliar with his teammates and persecuted by referees."

"They try to put the pressure on the import," Ham said. "It's a team sport. Everyone should be held accountable. I think the imports suffer for the lack of performance the [locals] might put out."

Worse, Ham felt slighted at being described as a "no extraordinary player" in the PBA website.

"I averaged a double-double over here with like 16 and 12," he said, referring to points and rebounds. "These articles the PBA is putting online are like propaganda."

The Times talked to a handful of PBA coaches, including Purefoods assistant mentor Ronnie Magsanoc, grand slam coach and current TV analyst Norman Black and PBA head coach Joel Banal.

Magsanoc told the Times that imports are expected to do "pretty much everything," including scoring, rebounding, defending and being the team leader on the court.

"You're almost like a hired gun," Black said. "You better get the win, and if you don't win, you better get your numbers."

If you don't you're shipped out.

The Times also noted that imports can be replaced at any point in the tournament, meaning, "it would be possible, for example, to hire Latrell Sprewell for Game 7 of the association's finals."

Banal told the Times that such a move isn't unfair, but a wise management decision.

"They deserve to win if they can convince him to come," he told NYT.

Despite the fickle-mindedness of team owners and coaches here, imports would rather try their luck in the PBA than, say, in the NBA's developmental league and the CBA."

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no one mentioned queenan?

darren queenan yata yun... first played for añejo, then sa purefoods.


sya ang unang nagbigay ng championship sa purefoods.

2 imports nun per team, pero nung last game ng finals, injured yung

kasama nya na import. pero naipanalo pa din nya ang laro laban kina

chambers at clark ng alaska.

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no one mentioned queenan?

darren queenan yata yun... first played for añejo, then sa purefoods.


sya ang unang nagbigay ng championship sa purefoods.

2 imports nun per team, pero nung last game ng finals, injured yung

kasama nya na import.  pero naipanalo pa din nya ang laro laban kina

chambers at clark ng alaska.


I did mentioned Queenan as one of the greatest imports (see page 2 of this thread) to ever played in the PBA although wala siya sa top 10 ko pero andoon siya sa list ko ng iba pang mga imports na magagaling dahil masyadong maiksi ang top 10 kung dami ng magagaling na imports na nakapaglaro sa PBA or sa Pinas ang pag-uusapan..

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here's my list

ito lng ung mga npanuod ko at ntatandaan ko lng

mostly imports ng GINS kc ginebra fan ako












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Here's my list...



1. David Thirdkill - first player na napanood ko kumalawit ng rebound

2. Micheal Hackett - the mighty buckett as joe cantada calls him.

3. Billy Ray Bates - the Black superman

4. Chris King - brains and skills

5. Tony Harris - the hurricane

6. Terq Mott - Mamott (kupal lang)

7. Ken Redfield - Mr. 3d

8. Devin Davis - mr.dreadlocks

9. Chris Porter - rebounding machine

10. Sean green

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Ang daming naglaro sa PBA na talaga namang magaling kulang ang 10 para ilista sila lahat. I will list what immediately comes to my mind which made a mark in the PBA pero alam ko kulang pa ito:


- Andrew Fields

- Billy Ray Bates

- Bobby Parks

- Michael Hackett

- Chris King

- Joe Ward

- Sly Gray

- Tony Harris

- Michael Young

- Norman Black

- Lamont Strothers

- Carlos Briggs

- Darren Queenan

- Winston Crite

- Byron Snake Jones

- Cyrus Mann

- Sean Chambers

- Terquin Mott

- Devin Davis

- Ansu Sesay

- Porter

...ang hirap ha, dami pang kulang (aside from the fact that the list gives away my age :lol:)...

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