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  1. A friend of mine got impregnated due to adultery.. She says she had an affair a few months back from today.. And the guy who she had an affair with left after knowing that she is pregnant with him.. She knows its his because her husband has not made love to her for over six months.. Why? She would not let him.. Says she does not love him anymore.. And to make matters worse, is that the guy is a good provider, loving and understanding.. He has not done anything to her that would make her lose that love.. (How do I know this? Well, she told me herself.) And to compound everything is that they have a child who is now 6 years old.. Her husband learned about the infidelity and the unborn child but asked her to give the child up by aborting it, if she still would want to continue on with the relationship.. The wife wanted out of the relationship but cared for her child's (from her real husband) well-being.. Fearing of the consequences if a separation shall be done, she reluctantly had the baby aborted just last week.. But right now, she is really suffering miserably and no amount of comforting from anyone has made her lose the thought that she killed a life from her own womb.. I told her that it is wrong, but it was needed.. And maybe, God would understand and if she really is remorseful, than maybe God would forgive her from the adultery to the abortion.. What do you think? How about rape victims? Rape victims who get impregnated, on the other hand, in the Islamic law are allowed to decide the fate of the baby.. But in adultery, Islamic law states otherwise.. What is your stand?
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