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Masteral - Any Plans?

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the why.... because i think that education is the best thing

that will come in handy wherever, whenever. i also miss

the school ambience.


the where... since it will have to be work and school

combined, i cannot opt for an outside the philippines school.

locally, i'd say ateneo de manila or university of the phil.

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Finished my MS in Industrial/Organizational Psych 3.5 years after my undergraduate degree.


I have plans of going on to take a PhD in a slighty different field - Developmental Psychology in the next 2-3 years. Im still saving up for it since I might be taking it here in the US and its very expensive even if I get a grant or a scholarship.

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after Law School, i'm planning to take a Master of Laws degree from Harvard. (Hoping 2 have a sponsor)... la me pera eh, d ko pa kaya.


Good luck. I hope you make it. Both the bar and Harvard. Practically everybody in law school has Harvard in their top 3 for their masters if they had the opportunity. At least two from my batch already completed their LLM's at Harvard. You can definitely get a scholarship from Harvard. Depende na lang sa circumstances mo.

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