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16K budget? Hindi na low-end unit eto. You can get a P4-3.0 processor with good motherboard with just 12-13K. Basta wag ka na lang muna mag-lcd monitor. Get either Foxconn or MSI mobo. AVOID ECS AT ALL COSTS kahit mukhang mura


bakit "avoid ecs at all costs" sir leviticus?

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ecs daw is not a good brand.. mabilis daw masira..

neways, try this..

Intel Celeron D 310J (2.13Ghz) around 2.5k

ASUS P4V8X-MX VP4X533 S/L/Sata around 2.5k

512 ddr ram around 2.5k

80gb HD, around 2.5k

so ull have around 6k left for vid card, casing, power supply, mouse, keyboard, speakers and monitor..

16k isnt really enuf if u ask me.. u might have a hard time playing games with a 16k rig..

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Processor: Sempron 2800+ Box w/ fan 2800php

motherboard: any mobo with a built-in 6100 video

MSI/WINFAST/BIOSTAR Nforce6100 3400php

memory: 512MB PC400 DDR 2150php

Hard Drive: Excelstor 80gb 7200rpm SATA 2850php

CDdrive: Liteon 52x32x52x16x DVD/CDRWCOMBO 1650php

CASING: G3 transparent kb/mouse/spkr 1700php

total: 14550php


Monitor: 17" monitor second hand 3000-3500php

Brand new 5150php


there is still bandwith for changes....but this prices are from PCX, PCGILMORE :D

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at tipidpc.com, there offer this:


MD Athlon 64 Socket AM2,MSI K9N Neo nforce 550 Socket AM2,512 DDR2,10gig Seagate,Power color ATI X700 series 256mb DDR2 PCIE... Casing Black Trend Sonic w/ PSU 500watts.....


for the price of this>>>>




that's not the end of it, andami pa mas mura at magandang specs..that is kung talagang kuripot ka..

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Guest Leviticus

hi. need help with regards to casings. saan nakakabili ng MICRO-atx casing? Masyado kasing mahal ang mga xpc shuttle casing. would appreciate any input

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I got mine....


Intel 524 LGA775 3.06 Ghz CPU Php5950

Asus P5RD1-VM Motherboard with built in sound card and video card Php3600

512 MB RAM PC400 DDR Php2250

80Gig SATA Barracuda HD Php2970

Inno 3D 6200 128ddr Php2100

Lite-On Dual Layer DVD Php2100

17" Semi Flat Screen monitor Php 4800

ATX Casing Php1850


Total Php25620


I just used the built in sound card, since I'm not into gaming. :cool:

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If you want it extremely cheap, you can go to HMR and other surplus places, buy those old thick aluminum tower cases (approx. 2K) that have pentium classic mobos and the like, throw away the contents, measure holes for the fans then have holes for the fans drilled then buffed at a machine shop (150 bucks) then have it painted at an auto painting place, I had my case painted with Anzahl wet look black for about 500 bucks at a car restoration place in katipunan. Pwede pa i wax :lol: Only drawback to this is that old cases have limited drive bays pero pwede magpagawa of fabricate ng aluminum na rack for hdd's, that I don't know kung magkano.

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