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Best Place To Buy Pc Parts

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Qty Product Description Unit Price Total

1 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Processor P 9,999 P 9,999

1 MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboard P 6,988 P 6,988

1 Geil Dual 1GB (2x512) PC400 DDR SDRAM P 5,799 P 5,799

1 Enlight EN-7247B Mid Tower Case P 2,988 P 2,988

1 Leadtek WinFast PX6600TD PCI-E 256MB DDR ViVo P 7,188 P 7,188

1 Seagate 250 GB Hard Disk Drive | SATA150 | 7200RPM P 5,588 P 5,588

1 ASUS DRW-1608P DL DVD±RW Drive P 2,988 P 2,988

Total: P 41,538

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AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Socket AM2 Processor - Php 6,200

MSI K9N Neo-F NForce5 Motherboard - Php 4,800

Inno3D GeForce 7800GT 256MB 256-bit - Php 16, 100

2Gb Kingston DDR2 533 Dual-Channel - Php 9, 900

200Gb Seagate Barracuda S-ATA - Php 4,698

any ordinary full tower ATX casing - Php 1,500

DYANMO 550W 24-pin PSU - Php 1, 400

Lite-On 16x Lightscribe dual-layer DVD Writer - Php 2,748

Coolermaster Jet 7+ - Php 1,400


TOTAL : PHP 48, 746 --> Pde na 2 diba?


Di ko na cnama sound card since most are already contented with built-in ones. Tama ba 2 or kelangan pa may monitor? CPU setup lang kasi gnwa ko

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Here we go... I just wanna test how well you buget with regards to building your own pc...


The Budget : PhP 40,000.00 max*


The Works:

  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • Memory Modules
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Casing
  • Drives (CD/DVD/CDr/DVDr)
  • Power Supply
  • Fans

Basically... a CPU and a Monitor


*You may go over budget but not more than 10K


Dont forget to put the brand and the price...


Goodluck http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i280/Phrozhen_Khold/Emoticons/ro_emote_no1.gif


The question is this... for what use?:D Its easier to build a cpu if you know it's purpose :D

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MSI K9N SLI PLATINUM with AMD AM2 3500+ - 15300

Kukram 2x1GB DDR2-533 - 8500

Palit 7300 GT Sonic 128MB/128bit DDR3 PCIe SLI - 9800 (Make sure its the DDR3 version, and also not the turbocache version or DDR2 version:D)

Western Digital WD3200KS 320GB SATA-2 16MB Cache - 6300

Mars 722-x Orbit Case - 1200

Dynamo 550W - 1400

LG (GSA-H20L) dvd-rw 16x dual layer w/ lightscribe - 2350

Total: 44850, then get any Flat CRT monitor out there :D


Or, another option...


MSI K9N NEO-F with AthlonAM2 3500+ - 11200

Kukram 2x1GB DDR2-533 - 8500

Western Digital WD3200KS 320GB SATA-2 16MB Cache - 6300

Mars 722-x Orbit Case w/ 450W Dynamo PSU - 2100

LG (GSA-H20L) dvd-rw 16x dual layer w/ lightscribe - 2350

Palit 7900 GT 512MB PCI-e - 17600

Total: 48050 but no space for monitor :D Or you can downgrade to 7600GT Sonic for 9,400 only and use the remaining money to buy a monitor :D


*Note: AM2 can overclock easily, no need for high-end coolers :D The stock cooler can handle it :D Esp. with the newer release 3500+ which uses 35nm procs :D

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ooopppsss, not 35nm procs, 35W pala :D


You can also choose to go 3000+ or 3200+, since 2.4ghz is easy to achieve, as well as 2.7ghz (only tested with 3500+, but they should have same oc performance) w/ 300fsb w/ dividers with multiplier of 9 for 2.7ghz or 8 for 2.4ghz (3000+ has max of x9, 3500+ has max of x11):D

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Guest Leviticus

Uhm... pamurahan ba? or exactly 50K?


An ok rig for me: actual quotation; good for surfing, mid games, layouting, desktop work:


Celeron D 366 2.66

256 Mb 400 (KUK brand) DDR2 memory

FoxComm 661FX7MHS motherboard (onboard video, sound, and LAN, DDR/DDR2)

Casetek CK1007-2A Micro-ATX w/230W PSU *

40 Gb Samsung hard disk drive


15" LCD Viewsonic monitor


Total: Php22,000*


*Have an option to change the case to a regular midtower case as this is a micro-ATX casing; total would be PPhp20,800


50,000 - 22,000 = Php28,000 kupit or buy another setup :P

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ei guys im planning to buy a pc but sadly my budget is only up to 16000. Im gonna use it for running a simulation program for cisco, desktop work,internet and light gaming.. can u guys give me a rundown on which parts i can buy for my pc..thanks!



try mo ask sa canvas gilmore....give them ur budget and needs mo custom build nila.....para mganda shop ka din sa ibang stores dun using the specs nakuha mo sa 1st store...mgkakatabi shops dun mura pa

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kung makati area ka, may shop dito sa may buendia-crispa, yung building beside tropical hut hamburger. they sell cheap P3 units at that price. complete na yun from monitor, mouse, hard disks, keyboard.


16K for a P3???


not worth it bro


you can assemble a decent P4 for that price

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you can also get a Celeron 2.16 with that budget


dvd rom, mx400 graphics, 40 gig hard drive


You can probably survive with your current monitor, keyboard, speakers, etc. If not too old, maybe you can scab your hard drive, floppy, even case.


Invest in speed (no, not amphetamines dude) :cry: :

Motherboard P4 or AMD

RAM 1 - 2 GB

Graphics Card

you can upgrade other things as you go (you can even start with 512 memory just upgrade over a month or two when you have a little more cash.


A very reliable shop is PC Evotech on Katipunan across from Ateneo. They can advise you well on a good balance, bring in your old rig for a salvagability lookover.

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Bro, when choosing your motherboard, compare the specs. Some boards come with video, LAN, Modem, sound and other features on board. You'll get to save a few thousand by choosing a suitable motherboard. Don't buy a board just because it's priced lower. Compare the features - sometimes a more expesive board will save you from buying additional peripheral cards.


I was able to buy 2 celeron 2200 with LAN, sound, video onboard for 13000 each middle of last year (including hard drive - monitors not included in the price). I'm sure you can get a decent unit for P16000.

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Guest Leviticus

16K budget? Hindi na low-end unit eto. You can get a P4-3.0 processor with good motherboard with just 12-13K. Basta wag ka na lang muna mag-lcd monitor. Get either Foxconn or MSI mobo. AVOID ECS AT ALL COSTS kahit mukhang mura

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16k? you can already assemble an AMD 2.0GHz unit with 256mb ram, 40gb hdd, 14inch color monitor, 32/64mb video card, ECS board with lan/sound, a cd rom.


check out pcx.com.ph for price updates, they change their prices everyday depending on the dollar exchange rate. sometimes they go up, or down.

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