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Guest simply_tinA

to my ____.... WALA KA TALAGANG KWENTA!~!!! BA'T BA KITA NAGUSTUHAN????!!!! ANO BANG NAGUSTUHAN KO SAU!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

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hey peeps! this thread is back. i made one like this before but coz of an acceptable and logical reason they deleted it. hehe


well i just hope the admin doesnt hate me for putting this back. i just love collecting and reading letters.. sorry po. :blush:


as i've said before this thread would be functional and can be used in different ways..


COWARD'S WAY: thru this u can post letters or feelings or say words that u long to say to your dear someone or even to your family but u dont have enough courage to do so. u can confess ur love, hatred, anger to anyone with being direct or letting them know about it. as long as u've expressed it. it would be a good help right? ;)


DIARY: this too may also serve as your public diary haha. we have lots of blogs on the net now so why not have one here in our forum. its a good way to let the people u met here know what is going on with u.


NO DESTINATION: or u can also post ur letters here to certain people, icons, saints, things, values etc that do not have exact location. like God, Santa Claus hehe.. and a lot more.. call it towards the dreamland.. the fantasy land..


well.. post ur letters now!! :D

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I love you.I love you for your smile. For that pair of eyes that's so easy to read. For that tiny line across your forehead that gives depth to your beautiful face. I love you for the way you can make me laugh. And I love the way I can make you laugh. And I love you for your sweetness, your innocence,your gentle presence...things that are being faked these days. I love the idea of loving you. I love how you touch me...and how you seem to know when I need your presence. I love US when we're together. I love the comfort and security I feel when i'm with you. I love how you're HOME to me. I love taking care of you. I love the way we love each other.


Sadly, I love you and want to be with you in a way that is not possible. You're my friend. I have always tried to live my life facing up to things. But this is not something I can tell you without losing face...without losing you. I cannot risk that. In the relatively short time we've known each other, you have become of extreme value to me.


And yet, I cannot keep my peace completely.I have to somehow tell you, eventhough I doubt that our paths will cross here, or that you'll even know that this is me. I am taking this coward's way because I AM SCARED.


I know that I should probably tell you this. I know that I may forever regret this. I also know that you don't love me in the same way...nor look at me in a remotely romantic way. After all,am just the friend you keep checking up on because you know I am lost right now. Who would love a lost soul anyhow?


Of course, it hurts. And I pray to God that this is one thing I can keep from you.It's my folly to think along romantic lines and if there be a punishment in store for crossing that line between pure friendship & romance...i'd take it alone. It was my choice to fall...I alone should get hurt.


I know that you've just recovered from a painful break-up. And that you're relishing being single again. Still, allow me to make a wish. I wish that next time you love, it will be for keeps. I am praying for God to send you someone you can connect with in the most important of ways...someone who will see the gift that you truly are...someone who will do those things i've planned to do for you...someone you can love in return.


People have said time and again that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. But what they will probably never understand is how i'll always be a winner for having loved you.


It's been a privilege loving you in my silent,secret way.


Thank you friend for walking into my life.

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If you see me walking the road with someone else

It's not because I like his company

It's because you’re not brave enough to walk beside me.


If you hear me talking about him all the time

It's not because he pleases me

It's because you’re too deaf to hear my heartbeat.


If you feel me falling with someone new

It's not because I love him

Because you're not there to catch me fall.


If you feel lost, I too am nowhere

I too don't know where the road is going

Are we gonna cross each other's path

Or just completely turn around?

Will we just let go of what we had

Or go to the place where love is bound


Don't let me walk with him

It's you I want to walk with

Don't let me talk of him

It's you I want to talk with

Dont let me fall for him

It's you I want to fall in love with

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When you thought I wasn't brave enough to walk beside you

I was behind you every step of the way

Still filled with awe because of the beauty that stands before me


When you thought I was too deaf to hear your heartbeat

I didn't want to assume anything

And I was afraid to lose our friendship


When you thought I wasn't there to catch you

It was because you never gave me the chance

You never reached the bottom, you've already grabbed the branch

If you feel like you are nowhere, I too am lost

I too don't know where the road is going

Are we just going to turn around,

Or are we gonna cross each other's path?

Will we just let go of what we had

Or go to the place where love is bound?


Don't let me walk alone

I want to walk by your side

Don't let me talk of something else

It's you I want to talk with

Don't let me fall for someone else

It's you I want to fall in love with.

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ey my sweetP... very good thread...


actually i have been thinking to put a thread like this dati pa... like a collection of poems, best love letters read/written, super short stories/scripts, own lyrics... basta a channel for anyone who loves to read, write, express and hear emotions... kaso i kinda cant put it into a concrete concept... then, here it is... thanks sweetie...


read mode lang muna ako dito... next time... if i get inspired enuf na :lol:

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dear mister.


i'd rather not post ur handle or real name here so as not to create anymore trouble.

i guess i just want to express what i feel thats it. thats all.


I'm not about to provide an excuse for my sordid behavior. I just want to acknowledge your point. You're right. I should have been objective about things.


That's what's wrong with chat sometimes. And that's what's wrong with people who don't quite know each other that well sometimes. There's a tendency to misread or misinterpret each other's words or actions, thus, there's a tendency to misjudge...and that we dont know exactly the depth of the words this other person is using.. we dont know the magnitude of feelings embraced to every word he/she says.


I have offended you. Im a jerk. Im sorry. But I'm also someone who's capable of owing up to mistakes and being sorry about it, and so, SORRY. I know the damage has been done. But SORRY anyway. I'm not expecting that you'd forgive me or that you'd want to talk to me again, but still, SORRY.


But then I do wish that sometimes no matter how fun the environment is, no matter how cool or how people act never forget that they are still human beings and have feelings. you might hurt other people's feelings with what u say without you even knowing it. so be careful next time.

it was great meeting you though.

you added color to my life.

thank you.


just me.

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Dear Pare at Mare


this is a response to the letter a guest posted before.


Musta na, pare? Musta na mare? Ako, okay lang... na mag halong hindi pagka-ok.. Eto. Nagmumuni-muni. Nag-iisip. Minsan talaga may mga bagay na hindi ko maintindihan. Ewan ko ba.


Bakit ba ganun pare, ilang beses ko na pinag-aralan pero lagi na lang lumalabas na parang kahit ‘sang anggulo mo tingnan, hindi nagiging patas para sa mga BABAE ang ilang bagay pagdating sa pagmamahal.


*tingin sa stars*


Minsan naisip ko alam kaya ng mga lalaki na hindi madalli anglahat para sa mga babae.. oo nga at mahirap ang manligaw pero naisip kaya nila na mas mahirap para sa ating mga babae kasi WE CANT DO ANYTHING! Lam mo ba Ung feeling na kahit gaano namin gusto ang isang guy kahit sobra sobra na ang feelings namin.. wala kaming magawa at manahimik na lamang. bakit? coz that is what the society expects us to do. buti nga kayo at malaya nyong nasasabi ang inyong nararamdaman w/o being judge or laugh at by the society or other people. eh ang babae.. pag gumawa ng 1st move baba ang tingin ng ibang tao... minsan ganyan pa ka-konserbatibo ang iba sa atin..


*tingin sa malayo*


Sa panliligaw naman... alam nyo ba kung gaano kahirap sa amin i-assess ang mga nanliligaw sa amin? masakit sa ulo yon ha! isipin kung sino ang totoo at hindi.. malaman kung sino ang naglalaro lamang.. kung ano nga ba talaga ang gusto nyo sa amin.. ayaw naman naming mapili ang maling lalaki noh.. mga lalaking ang tingin sa baabe eh mga damit na pwedeng palitan in a wink of an eye.. o mga lalaki ang korte ng katawan, sixe ng bra, at iba pang kababawan ang sukatan...


Sa tingin nyo ba madali sa amin ang magbasted ng lalaki? di ah. pero anong magagawa namin kung di naman talaga IKAW o KAYO ang natipuhan namin. di naman pwedeng turuan ang puso kung sino ang karapatdapat mahalin diba? Ayaw naman naming saktan kayo.. kaya nga we offer friendship so that we wont totally shut you out of our life. unlike other guys na pagnakipag-break ayaw na talaga. no looking back na.


*kuha ng bote ng beer* *lagok* *lunok*


Ugh?? di naman lahat ah! minsaan kailangan laging ang babae ang magparaya. Kung may gusto siyang gawin most of the time dapat i-set aside nya muna kasi may laro ang paborito nyong team sa basketball. o kaya football. o kung anu-ano pa. Pag nag-excel naman ang babae sa ginagawa nya naghihinanakit kayo kasi naapakan ego nyo. ayaw nyo kasing tanggapin na mas magaling ang babae. At bakit? di naman nyo maalis magduda ang mga babae ah kasi kayo ay mahilig maglaro.


Hindi pa yun tapos, dahil dapat tayo ang bahala kung ano ang magiging takbo ng relasyon. Pag maganda, edi okay. Pag may problema, kasalanan naten. Haay buhay. Minsan talaga kung tutuusin sakit sila ng ulo. Kaya lang mahal naten kaya di na natin iniintindi yun.. hind i lang po kayo ang nakakaranas nyan KAMI RIN!


*hinga ng malalim*

MUSHY kami? bakit di ba gusto nyo rin yan. ang nilalambing kayo ang inaamo.. kaya nga kayo naghanap ng babae eh. besides why use that character against us when from the start. mula pa sa mga ninuno natin ganyan na talaga ang mga babae. call it women's nature. pusong mamon. mushy-mushy, drama. kesa naman kayo takot magpakita ng feelings coz of the fear na baka isipin bakla kayo. di pwedeng umiyak kasi ang ego! lagi na alng ego! ego na lang ata ang gumagana ah.. pati na isa pa ninyong ego!


*hinga ng malalim* *tingin sa malayo ulit*


At ito pa ang pinakamasaklap.


*singhot* *hinga ng malalim*


Ang ending ng relasyon... Sa mga panahong ito either, nahuli kayong nambabae, or nagloloko or too immature to handle a relationnship. pag nahuling nagloko anong sinsabi nyo? di ba the neverending excuse. LALAKI AKO!

O kaya ipagpapalit ka sa iba na mas malaki ang bra size, mas sexy, mas bata etc etc etc...


Hay buhay... mahirap din pong maging babae noh! di ba lagi kami ang api... pagnabuntis nyo asan na kayo? lalayo.. kasi di pa prepared maging ama or magkaroon ng asawa. sino ang bubuhay sa anak? e di ang babae kahit itakwil pa siya ng pamilya nya gagawin nya kasi ANAK nya Un. eh ikaw asan ka? nasa bar? o kaya nasa piling ng ibang mga babae...


Ako, kamusta? Eto. Yoyosi-yosi. Bubuntong-buntong hininga. Titingin-tingin sa bituin. Mumuni-muni. Lalagok-lagok ng alak.


Ang mga lalaki talaga, oo.


Pero no matter how we hate each other sometimes we still end up together. hinahanap-hanap pa rin natin ang isa't-isa and most of us cant even live without a partner. we still hope na eventually we will find the right one for us. oo masasaktan tayo.. subalit along the way may sinasaktan tayo or may nasaktan dahil sa atin. ganun lang naman Un eh. masaya tayo dahil sa isang tao ang may isang tao din na masaya dahil andyan ka.


ganyan talaga ang buhay... lets just deal with it and stop bickering!

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isang liham sa sarili ko:


matagal na tayong di nagkakausap kaya naisip ko na sulatan ka na lang. alam ko, marami ang gumugulo sa isipan mo ngayon (dalawa ba 'yon? bigay mo na kse sa ken yung isa!). anyway, alam kong aalis ka na sa bago mong trabaho. na-bad trip ka rin sa wakas ng boss mo! hehehehe. di ba sabi mo sa akin nun (pangako pa nga e!) hindi ka kayang pikunin ng boss mong marami lang namang pera kaya walang awa talaga kung mam-bad trip. hindi bale, mas matalino ka naman don e. kung hindi ba naman, makakapag-produce ka ba ng 5 magazine na kumita ng milyun-milyon. lintek! hindi ka man lang naambunan ng kinita nun ah! sabi nga ng awit ni mariah carey: "can't take that away from me!" yung pride mo yan, mahmen! tindi mo talaga, di bale nang kumalam ang sikmura mo wag lang maapakan yang ego mo. alam mo, pare, palagay ko mas malaki pa sa yo ang ego mo! masama rin yan baka biglang pumutok yan na parang pigsa... ikaw rin!


kung ako sa yo, aasikasuhin ko na lang si esmi mo. tagal nang naghihintay sa yo yon. ay, nagtitiyaga pala. ang lupet mo, mahmen. pano mo nagagawa sa kanya yon? sana tumino ka na. lapit na birthday mo, sana yan ang gawin mo. ano ba talaga ang direksyon ng buhay mo? malabo pa rin ba? ayos lang yan. you'll stop growing once you stop asking. but then ask sensible lang ha? naku, mahaba na ata to. isang hirit na lang... tigilan mo na rin si gf, kawawa naman si bf nun! hehehe... kung gusto mo balato mo na lang sa ken.


o sige. wala lang talaga kong magawa at concern lang ako sa nangyayari sa yo lately. pinaputulan mo na rin daw ang buhok mo? hiphop na rin daw ang trip mo? akin na lang yung mga metal cd mo ha?


tama na to baka magkaiyakan pa tayo, e, iyakin ka maski nung mga bata pa tayo.


ingat lagi (wear a condom!). hehehehe....



ang kaliwang utak mo.

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TO all Human Beings...


please please please...


Never Say I love you

If you really don't care

Never talk about feelings

If they really aren't there

Never hold my hand

If you're going to break my heart

Never say,"I'm going to..."

If you don't plan to start

Never look into my eyes

If all say are lies

Never say hello

When you really mean goodbye

If you truly mean forever

Then Promise me you'll try

Never say forever

In the end I'll only cry


coz hoping hurts a lot...

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para sa mga TORPE!!


ahihihi ;)


I choose to love you in silence

for in silence i find no rejection

I choose to adore you in my loneliness

for in my loneliness noone owns you but me

I choose to adore you from a distance

for distance shields us both from pain

I choose to imprison you in my thoughts

for in my thoughts i give you freedom

I choose to kiss you through the wind

for the wind is gentler than my lips

And I choose to touch you in my dreams

For in my dreams, there are no ends...

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