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Larry Legend or King James


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How? :lol: Larry Bird never had a meltdown in the playoffs the way Lechoke gave up on the Cavs in the 2010 NBA Eastern semis against the Cs, the 2009 NBA Eastern Finals against the underdog Magic and the 2014 NBA Finals against the Spurs.

Larry had a better supporting cast than LeBron had in 2009-2010 cavs. Well the 2014 heat squad finals was indeed a disappointment, but hey it's their rival spurs. theres no shame on losing to TIM DUNCAN, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard(DPoY, Finals MVP)

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wait what? he choked in the 2007 NBA finals 2009ECF and 2010 ECSF? does he had an all star teammates or even good role players that time? you think he can win against prime TD, manu and parker?

i think you have a selective memory bro, you only remember LBJ's shortcomings. great players failed in some points of their careers before they succeeded.

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Just to put this in perspective - how about the ff. Bird stinkers - Game 6 in the 1980 East Conf Finals (outplayed by Doc), 1981 NBA Finals, 1982 East Conf Finals, 1983 East Conf Finals, 1984 NBA Finals Game 7 (sure the Cs won and Bird was playoff MVP, but it was Maxwell, again, who carried the Celts in the clinching game) and Game 6 of the 1987 NBA Finals. Sure people will say that he contributed in other facets of the game but didn't Lebron do the same?


Lest I be accused of being a hater, still believe that Bird is/was the better player, but not by the proverbial mile. ;)

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When we talk about players at this level...there are a lot of them that can fill up a stat sheet...n lebrons is one of them...but what sets great players apart is how they perform in d clutch...when its winning time...and to quote magic johnson...i fear no one but larry bird....nuff said

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I already stated my reason for posting the article. If you want to add your own interpretation into that - well, whatever floats your boat, man! As far as this thread is concerned, I've already stated my position and since it's the same as yours, you won't get any further argument from me.


Btw, sawa ka na ba makipag-bakbakan sa mga Lebron defenders at pati yung mga maka-Larry eh tinatalo mo na din, hehe ...

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Let's be honest, calling names while stating facts shows that you have a degree of animosity towards that person. Hehe!


We can't pit each other one on one because Lebron is an explosive player and can blow by you. Larry on the other hand is a very smart player and if he gets hot anything he throws will most likely go in. And he is a better shooter.


Strength and Speed would go to Lebron, but Larry is the smarter player. And in the 80's where you can do hard, even dirty defense (think John Stockton), Bird plays defense that can annoy the person he is guarding.


We never saw Lebron have a scoring Duel with somebody. Bird has a lot of great ones again Wilkins (it's fun to watch those over and over again)


For me consistency is Key - I go for Larry Bird.

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