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Larry Legend or King James


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LBJ is a superb athlete and a freak train going down hill. LBJ is a better athlete than Larry Bird. But LBJ isn’t feared like Larry. Larry has an imposing will that opponents respect. Larry can tell you what he is about to do and  you just can’t stop him.  Larry played the whole game shooting with his left hand because he was bored. Nobody does that not even MJ. Over-all I think Larry gets more respect in the basketball community just like MJ over LBJ. 

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Here's the thing Lebron is a black freak athlete and Larry Legend is a white dude.
If they swapped bodies, Lebron in a white dude's body will not accomplish anything. While Bird, given that negro freak athlete of a freight train body will definitely wreck the league.
There you go, as much as Lebron has accomplished his share, Larry Legend is hands down still the better baller.

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tough. Both Lebron James and Larry Bird are considered to be among the best basketball players of all time. Bird was a legend in his own right, with his clutch shooting and amazing passing ability. He was also an excellent rebounder and defender. Lebron is an amazing all-around player, with his ability to score, rebound, and defend. In terms of stats, Lebron has more points, rebounds, and assists per game, but Bird has a higher career shooting percentage. Ultimately, it's hard to choose between the two, but I would say that Lebron is King !


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