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Career or Love

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Hahaha, Napadaan lang po and the topic seems interesting.


If you look at it in a birds eye view, both the choices are somewhat mutually beneficial to you. I would say na work makes you feel accomplished while love makes you feel appreciated. I would also say na you will always find work and love the same way love and work will find you. Love is between two people sharing the same likes while Work is between you and an entity say a company sharing the same goal. I guess its a matter of your personal belief and reasons and what you think is needed. Pero in this day and age, you need to be practical on how you would approach this. Sabi nga nila, kung saan ka masaya eh di suportahan ka namin.




makikisali lng po....yes its mutually benificial for the both of you..it depends on your sexuallity...if your a guy, who has masculine energy in you, you tend to look for your direction and purpose which you get in your work...while if your a girl who has feminine energy in you, you tend to look for love and intimacy..its a complimentary thing..


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You should not choose. If you are in a healthy relationship, then you will find a way to balance it. In fact as partners, you should support each other reach your ambitions even if that means you gotta make sacrifices. Para sakin kung kelangan mo mamili ibig sabihin hindi talaga healthy relationship nyo, and hindi kayo para sa isat isa. Alangan naman pag nagsama kayo lagi nyo pagaawayan trabaho nyo di ba?


Yun ang naging problema ko sa isa kong ex. Talagang hindi ko naramdaman na supportive sya sa ginagawa ko. Puros lip service lang, kulang sa action. I would have wanted her to be happy for me na I get opportunities that I got even though it means I have to spend less time with her. Kaso hindi, laging nagiging away ito. Eh bago pa naman naging kami, ito yung personal goal na talagang pinaghihirapan ko. Imbes sana added support system yung relasyon naging pabigat pa. Para bang inaapi ko sya dahil lang gusto ko naman maging matagumpay professional life ko. So kung sya pipiliin ko pano na? Sya lang masaya. Me paki ba sya na I will have to live the rest of my life in regret for the opportunities I wasted dahil lang di nya naman kaya magsakripisyo ng konti para sa self improvement ko? I mean kung magsucceed naman ako, I will thank her for her support and love that inspired me. And then it hit me. She does not care. She does not care I dont reach my personal goal. All that matters to her is andun ako. She loved me the way she loves a pet. Not as a man na may ambisyon.


Best decision I made

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Career. Without it, I won't be able to maintain a lifestyle that I would want for myself and my family. Ofcourse, kahit priority mo ung work, dapat we should make time for our loved ones and tugunan lahat ng pangangailangan nila other than money. This is a balancing act that we should learn to manage and sometimes it involves a few sacrifices as well.

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