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Career or Love

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You can always find work, but you can't always find love.


What do you think?unsure.gif


Hahaha, Napadaan lang po and the topic seems interesting.


If you look at it in a birds eye view, both the choices are somewhat mutually beneficial to you. I would say na work makes you feel accomplished while love makes you feel appreciated. I would also say na you will always find work and love the same way love and work will find you. Love is between two people sharing the same likes while Work is between you and an entity say a company sharing the same goal. I guess its a matter of your personal belief and reasons and what you think is needed. Pero in this day and age, you need to be practical on how you would approach this. Sabi nga nila, kung saan ka masaya eh di suportahan ka namin.



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Wow, that was a clearer view.


The situation is this: Pinili ng partner mo ung career and he tells you na para sa future nyo un, mgiipon lang dw sya and kukunin ka rn nya. But the fact na mgkakalayo kayo and long distance relationship is not a good option for you. Maraming possibleng mangyari ng 2 years. Temptation for both of you. Anong gagawin mo?


Tama lang ba na mkipgbreak na lang sa knya kc pinili nya ung career kht mahal mo sya?


Just wait for 2 years and see if it's worth waiting for?


Ang hirap magdecide... idagdag mo pa na you are 2 years older than him.....sad.gif

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well... not to discourage you but beforehand... it ends on both of your mutual understanding.


i had once a girlfriend / fiance for 3 years and we opted to get married a year after our 4th. she pursued career in a middle east country just for us to save while i do the preparations here in PH. while doing so, suppliers have been booked and venues already reserved. 3 months left before our marriage, she broke up with me because she got pregnant. my life wasted for the 1st time and i was out of focus. money wasted, time lost and self spoiled to rot.


Not until i met a new girl after few more months after the break up. we stayed steady for 2 years not until we also decided to get married. after 3 years of getting married, she was working in a call center and entered an illicit affair which i discovered. just so happen she went with a lesbian and she claimed to be a bi-sexual that she didnt even told me before i got married.


to rule things out, it really depends on your both mutual, committed understanding if you both want to stay together for a long time. point is... it should be clear and whole heartedly accepted that you both want to spend your lives together

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it really depends on the persons involved...either which way you choose, if you are not strong and do not have enough will to see things through till the end, it will never work out. some would say it's career first because financial stability is really important in our modern age....love flies off the window the moment you encounter some financial difficulty...every small nuances regarding money matters/spending is magnified and sometimes it is even the cause of break-ups. others would argue that it's love first before career...if you love someone, no matter what happens and in what state you are in, you can get through it all and the journey becomes much easier because you have each other's back. some would say both...but sometimes you only have to choose one. none of these would matter really if you and your partner truly love each other....even if you are apart, or you choose career first, as long as you love and truly care for someone (this should be mutual) and you're honest with each other, then everything should work out fine.. both of you just need to have a clear set of goals and stick to it.

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I was at that crossroad months ago. It was either:

  1. I settle with the love of my life on the other side of the world and sacrifice my position, friends, dream job, and hobbies, or
  2. I continue my work to fund the pursuit of my interests.

The choice was easy, and it has been the best one I ever made. To me, a work opportunity like my dream job is more rare than finding love.

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personally i don't believe that there's such a thing as "the right person but at the wrong time." if she's the right person then regardless of the circumstances you can't help but think it's the right time. so if you feel the timing is not right then that simply means she's not the one you've been waiting for. that's why i believe that if a person is placed in a situation where he/she feels torn between love and career, choosing career will be the right move because if he/she is really the one then you don't have to feel torn at all. the decision would seem to be an easy one to make.

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Hi guys! thank you for all the advise! all are very much appreciated! I hope and believe that the best is yet to come. All i have to do is to love God first and to love with a clean and a pure heart. I don't know what will happen next but i believe everything is a test. We should have to hold on what we believe because everything that happen to us has a purpose.


I would like to share this verse: This verse enlightens me a lot.


Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God is amazing and awesome! He is great indeed! :)

God has the best time. If it is time for career or time for love...or we can have both either! And that is called blessed!wub.gif


Thanks God! :)

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