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Best Antivirus Or Internet Security Suites For Your Computer Security

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I just want to share my "humble" opinion.


I was asked by this question a lot of time. What is the best antivirus or internet security? My answer is "YOU".


No antivirus software can help you if even you, yourself invites viruses to infect you. So my first advice is to practice "safe browsing". You can google "How did I get infected in the first place" you the complete article, but basically here is the general idea.

  • Don't use P2P/Warez softwares. This is one of the best way to get infected.
  • Don't visit porn sites. (If you can't resist pm me and I will suggest a way to keep you safe doing it)
  • Don't open file attachment on emails. (especially if you don't know the sender or you are not expecting a file from them.
  • Scan your flash drive before trying to access it.
  • Stay away from Internet Explorer. It is just to risky and there are good alternatives. Firefox and Chrome to name a few.
  • Update your Windows and JAVA regularly. Lately JAVA is receiving a lot of attacks lately because of its gaining popularity on social networking sites.


Now just to be clear, Antivirus and Internet Security are not the same. The first is important and the latter is not. Almost all the AntiVirus posted here are good. I personally recommend Avast, though it uses more resources. It is because it offers 7 more real time protection.


Other software that is good lying on your desktop

  • Malwarebytes Anti-malware
  • Spybot Search & Destroy


I don't personally recommend Internet Security suite. A router is better. Even if you only use 1 pc I still suggest you use a router. That way when a hacker try to attack it sees a router and not the WAN IP of your pc. That is also how an Internet Security works. Oh, also don't turn off Windows firewall. (Again if your having problem with windows firewall, eg. Playing games, pm me and I'll be glad to help you.


I don't personally recommend using Registry cleaners. As leo laporte says. It uses a specific database, compares your registry to it and delete all that is not found in its database. What if the software you use is a new one and that is not included in the database of the Registry cleaner? Windows updates for example.


Hope this helps. :hypocritesmiley:

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were using Kaspersky though it eats a lot of memory.


What version of kaspersky are you using? Is that the corporate Kaspersky Open Space? Kaspersky version 6.0 MP3 or MP4? Yes, it eats up a lot of memory on the first full scan. But after that, it would be running like stealth on your PC. It will only scan for those changed files, and files with malicious activity

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Ang dami kna na try na antivirus... Nothing beat ESET NOD32  ;)




Eset Nod32 is good but I think Kaspersky is better. Try to check the reviews. Sa free antivirus naman I think Microsoft Security Essentials is the best. AVG free edition doesn't even comes close. Try it if you want but you have to have a genuine Microsoft OS for you to install it.




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kung AV... MS security essentials do the job well basta legal din ang OS mo. pero kung mga IS, Kasperksy pa rin for me kaso hindi ko gusto itong kis2010 nila. masyadong resource hog pero malapit na rin namang lumabas ang kis2011 kaya abang mode na lang at sana maayos na rin nila yung mga problema sa kis2010.

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