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Best Antivirus Or Internet Security Suites For Your Computer Security

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just wanna ask.. everytime i turned on my laptop, my OS is vista premium... something always pop up i suspect it could be a virus... it has a file name taquito.exe....


can anyone help me on this... TIA

seems like your computer is infected with a virus or a worm. you need to run SDfix to remove it but make sure to turn of system restore first before removing it. Here's a detailed info that I found out about TAQUITO.EXE


Command: c:\RESTORE\S-1-5-21-1482476501-1644491937-682003330-1013\Taquito.exe

Description: Identified as a variant of the IRC-Worm.Win32.Small worm.

File Location: c:\RESTORE\S-1-5-21-1482476501-1644491937-682003330-1013\Taquito.exe

Startup Type: This startup entry is started automatically via the following Windows Registry keys:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components


Under that key will be a subkey that is the CLSID listed below. That subkey will contain a value called StubPath that points to the file being loaded.

CLSID: {28ABC5C0-4FCB-33CF-AAX5-35GX1C642122}

Removal Instructions: How to use SDFix to remove this infection.


Hope this helps! Cheers! :thumbsupsmiley:


para di OT : Malwarebytes. HijachThis, Rootalyzer and Avenger.


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Hello mga sir's


Ano po ba magandang software na maganda gamitin para maka detect ng intrusion, flooding or DOS or virus sa network namin d2 para sa mga client nmin, minsan kc ang hirap mghanap na p.c infected ang laki epekto sa network namin madalas di kmi makapgbrowse even sa router di rin makalabas network namin na maayos sana maka2long kau , thnx in advanced.


Dude, you can either acquire (or test first) a network IDS or even have your workstations installed with a corporate AV software with Host IDS functionality. If you want something that integrates with your AV if it's non-HIDS capable, you can get Cisco.


You could also look at TrendMicro's Network Virus wall, an appliance, that you'd have to put in place in between your distribution and access switches. But I find that pricey.


Most corporate AV software can curtail worm atatcks in the network by only enabling AV management ports on host machines and they also have the ability to pinpoint the source of malware. As the saying goes, you may have the latest and greates AV sogftware but an unpatched OS is the achilles heel.


If you like it software, you might want to get Black Ice. There are others but they're all trying to funnel out my brain to my hands that I don't know what to really say to you.

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Bro, ask ko lang po kung pwedeng 2 antivirus n gumagana sa isang PC. AVG at AVAST. Wala bng magiging problema dun. Thanks... :thumbsupsmiley: :thumbsupsmiley:


Possible. Some AV vendors tolerate the existence on another AV program except for Symantec, McAffee,a nd TrendMicro - that's from the top of my head.


The only problems you have is processing and memory. If you can live with the performance hit than use 2 AVs.


Microsoft's Forefront corporate AV software can use around 6-8 AV scan engines. GFI Lang Guard update package for ISA 2004 uses 3 AV scan engines.


In the end, if your OS isn't patched, if your applications are patched and reliable, it doesn't really matter if you've got the latest and greatest 10,000 AV software on your machine. You'll just keep get reinfected.

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NEED HELP PO !! EVERYTIME na i try to open my INTERNET





there is often an error while online that says Internet Explorer has detected a problem and must shut down.


And another that says there's an error with AVGsnx.exe.


You're infected with a worm. Sometimes, malware attacks your AV software. Most of the time, if your OS is not updated, it doesn't really matter if you've got the best and updated AV software, pattern files, and scan engines. Unpatched OS is a backdoor in itself for malware. ^^


Here, ask someone to scan your HDD for you - yes, take it out of your PC so that no malware process is hooked to important OS system file or resources. Just amke sure your friend's PC isn't infected. ^^

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Hi, Im using McAfee virus scan, and it keeps on prompting me that it has deleted autorun.inf (trojan) nagtataka lang ako kung na delete nya how come it still keeps on prompting me every 2 min ata. Anyone here have same experience or know pano tatangalin ito?


Nagtakaka din ako kasi di ko alam kung CD, DVD, floppy, or USB drive ba ung repository nung autorun file mo.


Depende rin yan kung nasaan ka - standalone machine, in a network full of malware, in your office with your boss' machine as the source of infection. Mahirap mag-recommend ng colurse of action para sau.


If you can detail that, we can help.

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also...beware of a download called ANTIVIRUS 2009...don't install it, its a virus...


heads up to all MTC techies... :D


Almost all freely downloadable shareware apps I know have a Trojan embedded in it.


How would you know?


Easy, ask your techie friend to run Process Explorer on most-likely-Windows machine. Your downloaded application turns PURPLE in the monitor.


That's a sign that your application has a "packed" application running in it. Some legit software run as a packed application. But most are a tell tale sign that its a malware.


Get an MD5 checksum of your downloaded app, compare, if the CRC doesn't match for the same version of software you downloaded from the legit site, it's hooked with a malware.


Oh, why do I know? I've worked for an AV software company before. I do this for a living - cleaning the infection. ^^


(Did you ever think it was infecting other people? Not!!!)

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AVG Free vs. Avira AntiVir

Which do you prefer and why?

Thanks guys!




pag avg free ok din naman xa parehas lang ng avira pero pag ang avg nag bayad ka talaga todo protect tlaga ang pc mo. . pero ang yayari sayo eh mga trojan, kealngan talaga ng trojan remover na nag a update at may license.


para sakin pag sa mga com shop ang anti virus ng server mo dapat symantec ung may live update at isang zbshare na pang usb. pde na yun. naka deepfreze nman lahat ng units pwera lang ang server iwasan nalang manood ng mga porn.

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my laptop has symantech antivirus. when i plug in my flash disk, it detected a virus and quarantined it. but it did not repair it. so what i did was just to restore it. the next time i plugged my flash disk again the antivirus deleted the files that wer infected. But when i look at the properties of my flash drive it stiill has the same amount of files as before. does this mean the infected files are still in my flash drive? and is there a way that i can save / repair it?



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Been using Nod32 Smart Security - so far, no problems. :thumbsupsmiley:


NOD32 is a very good antivirus, used that in my old PC running Windows XP unfortunately cannot seem to install one in my new PC running windows Vista can anyone help me? I already logged in as the Administrator. What am i doing wrong ?


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