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Biggest Lies Ever...

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1) I love you


2) no really I do


3) I'll be ready in 10 minutes


4) your ass doesn't look fat in those jeans


5) that shirt doesn't make you look gay


6) getting a happy ending is NOT cheating


7) I'm just going to put it in for a minute, just to see what it feels like


8) I've never done that before


9) I only had sex with one other guy before you


10) I'll just touch the outside of your bra


11) it won't hurt I promise


12) it's totally ok to do it in the butt.



now you go

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Larry I Have nothing to post here ......


LOL add one more to the list.


and the list isn't just about lies you used (although I must admit that I *have* used no. 7 a lot when I was in HS) it's lies that you've heard about too, and have been used on you.

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- I really like you, but I'm just not ready for a relationship.


- We should stop seeing each other, my bf and I are back together.


- I'll see you in 5 minutes.


- Didn't you get my message that I'm gonna be late?


- No, you look just fine.


- You're too sweet, I don't deserve you.





- Barkada lang kasama ko sa overnight.


- We're not going to put it in, 5cm lang promise!


- She meant nothing to me.


- Wala na kami.

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You're too sweet, I don't deserve you.


most obvious lie ever.


especially if you're not sweet


she's just a friend...






does anybody really use this BS, I mean chicks can see through it like glass!

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10. We'll just eat, ok?! (ako pa ang galit) Masarap "daw" ang binagoongang baboy sa Victoria,


9. I respect you so much, I'm perfectly certain I can be in bed naked with you, and nothing will happen.


8. I'll just give you a massage.


7. Paano kita mamamasahe ng husto with your bra getting in the way?!


6. Let's take these off too. I won't look! Teka! Patayin ko pa ang ilaw kung gusto mo.


5. I'm not even turned on, see! Here! Hawakan mo man!


4. Isang kiss lang, promise.


3. Ika-kaskas ko lang...10 seconds lang...hindi ko ipuputok sa loob. I love you. I'll marry you! (Whatever it takes, damnit!)


2. I'm sorry. This is the first time this has happened to me. Gabi na, baka hinahanap ka na sa inyo.


1. I'll call you tomorrow.

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hahaha. thanks, man.


I've used the "massage" line more than once, and it produced great results I might add.


pasilip lang... i won't touch... i'll just look at it...


oh man


this has brought back sooooo many memories.

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yun lang dami pa rin nagpapauto :P


haaay pag-ibig! pag pumasok sa puso nino man....

im sure you're not one of them :upside:


- "live" na tayo, widro ko naman pag malapit na...


later: sensha na ang sarap kasi ang galing mo gumiling at mag masel-control kaya di ko natiis. luv U :D

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The really cheesy ones take the best hit amongst the really naive ones also...kaya kahit gasgas na...or SMB for others (style mo bulok)...dude it still sells like hotcake



> I love you...ngayon ko lang na-feel ang ganito katinding luv

> I only touch breasts without permission if i just want to have sex with a woman - without feelings...iba ka, ask ako permission mo

> take off your pants, mukhang kusutin yan...your parents will make duda later

> kiss lang talaga...quota na ako

> i dreamt about you last night

> i haven't been into any motel yet, pramis

> di naman ako ganito, but i don't know what to do if i am beside you

> i miss you

> i ache for you

> walang signal e...or...lowbatt na...or...walang load

> text kita if i will arrive

> i am out of town


and a whole lot more BS....hay naku, life would be boring without them :lol: :goatee:

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haaay pag-ibig! pag pumasok sa puso nino man....

im sure you're not one of them :upside:

having read this thread sus parang ayoko na maniwala talaga :lol:


i haven't been into any motel yet, pramis

may naalala ako dito :lol:


walang signal e...or...lowbatt na...or...walang load

nakakainis tong palusot na to... parang period na after wala ka ng masabi... <_< tipong "oh ok" eh alam naman na BS <_<

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