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  1. Nearby places muna ... Metro Manila Angeles Subic Tagaytay Sta Rosa San Jose Del Monte ..... :sleepysmiley03:
  2. I have 3 1. Real Business calls 2. Friends 3. Buy and sell stuff Others: If i want to find the other cellphones i use one to call it....
  3. Motorists, tell us about your vehicles battery? What is the reason behind you choice (if any)?
  4. Life indeed may be tough and sometimes we can be bountiful.... On such times.... Kanino ka umuutang? 1. Credit Cards 2. Bank 3. Parents 4. Siblings Kanino ka rin nagpapautang? 1. Siblings 2. Officemates
  5. Dear all Please share me your experiences in using Smart Wireless broadband I intend to get this service by weekend. Thank you all Lomex32
  6. Ladies and Gentelmen, Motorists When driving i like to hear DANGER ZONE - From the TOP GUN Sound track by Kenny Logins - When driving at high speed, it reminds me that i am in it WHITE WEDDING - by Billy Idol - The beat seems to play along my car's engine MONEY FOR NOTHING - by Dire Straits same reason CRUISING FOR BRUISING - by Basia, it cools me down for a crusing speed HIGHWAY TO HELL - by AC/DC ..... nevermind Please share yours.
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