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Found 11 results

  1. I applied a PLDT Postpaid Landline last March3, 2006 at their Office in Espana, Manila. Luckily, my application was approved and asigned a PLDT Landline Number on that day. Since I prepared to have it installed on weekend, since WALANG tao sa bahay namin during weekdays, I was told that it will be installed on the following days, either March 4 or March 5. Pero, lumias ang weekend ng hindi na-install ang phoneline I tried to call their HOTLine and I was informed that my Application was brought back to Head Office due to PhoneLine Number Assignment, and wala silang timeline kung kailan maaayos. Last week, I call again the hotline, same status pa rin. Walang nakakaalam kung kailan, in one conversation, may isang operator na nagsabi sa akin that "sir, this really happens, and it beyond our controls"!! What Im asking is, kung kailan kaya ako makakabitan ng Phoneline? Bakit walang masabi sa akin ang mga Hotline Operators kung ilang months/days ba nare-resolve ang mga ganitong issues? Diba Commnucation Company sila?, Bakit hindi sila marunong makipag-communicate sa mga would-be subscriber nila? AT KANINO AKO HIHINGI NG TUOLNG PAG SINABI NA ITS BEOYND OUR CONTROL!!
  2. we find ways to: 1. make it more harder for you. 2. make you mad 3. make bank tellers have more time to chika with one another 4. to get more service fee from you 5. to make more reasons to leave and take my business elswhere!
  3. This all started in the Telecoms provider page where me and a few other members were discussing just how bad Globe treats us less fortunate subscribers.. anyway share your experiences din... maybe we will get a laugh out of it. or not hehe
  4. kung meron lang ibang service provider lumipat nako.... kaso no choice... pero i still think their service is poor and over priced....
  5. Dear all Please share me your experiences in using Smart Wireless broadband I intend to get this service by weekend. Thank you all Lomex32
  6. Recently, I had the (mis)fortune of having to have 2 vehicles repaired after my delightful family had decided to 'save' money by hiring mechanics to 'repair' motor difficulties. Upon returning home from a long sojourn in the provinces, I discovered that both vehicles were misfiring and their automatic transmissions were not shifting gears, as well as a severe lack of power coming from the motor. I took them to the casa, (Honda for the Honda, Diamond Motors for the Mitsubishi), both casa's gave similar diagnosis, full overhaul of engine, transmission, etc. etc. With bills exceeding 60T each. Dismay set in, but a friend told me to bring it to his motor shop. I took the honda and brought it there, he tinkered with it for about half an hour then told me to try the car. It worked, full power, no misfiring, and most important of all, it shifted gears. It turns out that the timing belt was misaligned. Cost of repairs? 1500 bucks (he also had to replace the spark plugs). Same thing with my mitsubishi. What is it with the casas? They had the cars for 2 full weeks and they couldn't check the timing belt? This serves as a warning to all of you, always get a second and a third opinion.
  7. been a movie fan since I can remember. what dulls my movie experiences are the policy of these sm cinemas 1) saw Fantastic 4 in sm megamall. just as the credits starts to roll, the cinema lights are turned on. and the last scene of the movie was virtually "whited out" by the lights. complained to the people on duty and what did these people say, "tapos na ang pelikula kaya may ilaw na". so what about the whited out final scene, hindi ba parte ng pelikula iyon? "hindi". strike 1 2) saw wolverine on sm taytay. lights on during the credits roll. the stryker arrest scene was barely visble in the white lights. the Japan scene was totally cut. the cinema's reason? "no one is around to see the final scene". so with all the lights on, they didnt see me and my 180 lb tub? what got my goat was a bastardo employee claiming that, "the price of a ticket does not guarantee a full movie". WTF !?!?!? now I am throwing my lot with the film pirates. patrons beware, in sm cinemas, a ticket does not guarantee anything, even the decency of a full movie
  8. They say that this film has received positive reviews and has grossed $290 million worldwide. Ok then,. let's hear from you guys (how you share) your actual experience about this movie. You can even state your own rating. Enjoy! (click the image to see its entire website)
  9. here's the story: my dad took our civic for it's scheduled check up in honda cars la union.... they were suppose to change a sensor on the engine in which the car needed to lifted up(this was the comment honda cars pangasinan regarding the replacement of the said sensor). Honda cars la union did not lift the car but instead worked on it without lifting the car:result....the technicians raptures the power steering hose on the car:they did not bother to tell us this:my dad took the car to carmen rosales because he works there and the next day he noticed the fluid leaking:he rushed the car over to honda cars pangasinan(calasio) and there they told us that we need to replace the power steering hose which cost 12.5k ther....in manila it's 9.5k..... aren't they suppose to replace that because it's there people who did this....we were not able to file a complaint against honda cars la union because when my dad went home it was on a fridaay...and they have to leave on a sat for their flight to palawan..... until now we havent heard from honda yet....... is this what they call good enough is never enough?
  10. My personal complaint about CebuPac is their new "no refunds" policy that started last December 2009. If you have to cancel a flight, even if it's way before the 24-hr limit for avoiding the "no-show" charge, you still get fined P2,500 per way (so 5k for round trips). My beef is this: a family emergency forced me to postpone indefinitely what should've been a vacation in Japan. Not having any definite ideas on when I might fly again, I chose to cancel the ticket merely a day after it was bought. My flight was still 3 weeks away, so I figured I'd rather shoulder the P5,000 cancellation penalty rather than risk it being forfeited in case I still could not fly within the ticket's validity period (for rebookings). What a nasty surprise I got when CebuPac officials flatly refused to refund my money. What they do now for cancelled tickets, they said, is put the money (net of the penalty) into a "Travel Fund," from which I could deduct future tickets. To aggravate matters further, the travel fund was only good for 90 days, after which any money left within would be totally forfeited. Darned and double darned! What about people like me who aren't frequent fliers, and who definitely cannot fly within the stated 90-day limit (because of our family emergency)? Does that mean I have to resign myself to the very real possibility that my P22,000+ ticket would just sink down the drain just like that? Talk about highway robbery! It seems CebuPac is one of those companies where, once money gets in, it won't be allowed to find its way out, however legit the reasons. Because of this, I've resolved NEVER to fly Cebu Pac ever again. I've heard of horror stories of being bumped off flights because of overbooking, of flights being cancelled without prior warning because not enough people had bought into the cancelled flight (and therefore CebuPac was squeezing everyone into the next flight to save on fuel). To this day, they're very well-known for enticing the public with ultra-cheap plane seats, only to tell customers those flights have been bought up once they call in to buy them. This tactic is called bait-and-switch: advertise a dirt-cheap product, then claim it's been sold out when the customer comes in, so that you could offer a slightly more expensive product that has the price you really wanted to sell at. Years ago, I was willing to give CebuPac the benefit of the doubt because an expanding company will have growing pains. But no. CebuPac isn't a fledgling airline anymore. It's been around for more than a decade. Yet its facilities and the quality of service personnel remain below par. No more Mr. Nice Guy from me anymore. Enough cutting them some slack. Mr. John Gokongf#&kingwei, your companies are very well-known for less-than-honest tactics. Go! Hotels is like this. So is Sun Cellular. You just lost one customer here. And I hope more follow after they see through your abominable airline.
  11. i got pissed off the whole day. i don't have connection starting at 8am and i called them up to inform them immediately. and now am out of the house because i need to be online. i often complain about having disconnections so often. and the 24hrs service is not guaranteed true. i pay my bills on due time and never been late. especially their DSL. damn i always reconnect and reconnect and to think i got only 1 pc but then i applied for 512 kbps. all i can say is :thumbsdownsmiley:
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