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  1. Recently, I had the (mis)fortune of having to have 2 vehicles repaired after my delightful family had decided to 'save' money by hiring mechanics to 'repair' motor difficulties. Upon returning home from a long sojourn in the provinces, I discovered that both vehicles were misfiring and their automatic transmissions were not shifting gears, as well as a severe lack of power coming from the motor. I took them to the casa, (Honda for the Honda, Diamond Motors for the Mitsubishi), both casa's gave similar diagnosis, full overhaul of engine, transmission, etc. etc. With bills exceeding 60T each. Dismay set in, but a friend told me to bring it to his motor shop. I took the honda and brought it there, he tinkered with it for about half an hour then told me to try the car. It worked, full power, no misfiring, and most important of all, it shifted gears. It turns out that the timing belt was misaligned. Cost of repairs? 1500 bucks (he also had to replace the spark plugs). Same thing with my mitsubishi. What is it with the casas? They had the cars for 2 full weeks and they couldn't check the timing belt? This serves as a warning to all of you, always get a second and a third opinion.
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