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The Lacoste Club


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This is the unofficial discussion forum for perhaps the most popular Clothing brand in the country.


Initial Questions for discussion


1) Why do you like Lacoste?

2) Are u a Lacoste Fanatic?

3) What Lacoste products do you have in your closet?

4) What's the oldest Lacoste product you have at the moment?


Additional Question(s):


1.) which lacoste store do you like visiting or which store has

the most number of stocks?

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indeed....nasa P4k na ang price ng mga Tees nila ngayon...grabe.....




Ganyan talaga cost ng cotton sa outlets ngayon, mas mura ng konti sa Duty Free. Daming counterfiets sa Greenhills which I never tried buying although infairness some of them closely resemble the originals for just less than 300pesos. Kung gusto nyo medyo mura compared sa malls try nyo Tokyo Hanna sa Shoppesville I bought several from them this year.

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Uy, a Lacoste thread..


Since I started working, this has been my brand already.. I started buying Lacoste when the block shirts (all green, white, yellow, etc.) were just at 1,750 pesos.. kaya medyo matagal na din.. Since then medyo madami-dami na akong shirts, polos, tees ng Lacoste..


I usually visit their Galleria shop and look for new styles that I would like.. but this year I only bought around 5 shirts yata.. coz the designs are not to my liking.. Kaya I recently buy stuff from Nautica, AX and Burberry instead.. Still, Lacoste is a classic brand.. it will never go out of style..

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Im not much into the Lacoste sportshirts since im not a sportshirt freak but I do own three ... the basic white, a green and a beige one (the women's cut)...


What I do love however are the Lacoste purses. I have four. The drawstring (blue and green) , the oval (all black), the small "kilikili" bag (all black) and the big gym bag (blue and green). I think their bags hit the right balance between being trendy and being classic. There are various shapes, sizes and lengths to suit every person, plus they are very roomy and quite durable.


My oldest Lacoste item is the big gym bag that I have been lugging around for the past 5 years I think.



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before.. i always go for lacoste shirts but one thing that i have noticed.. madali sya malaspag.. you can notice the deterioration in quality after a couple of uses.. dapat ba steam washed siya and not hand/machine washed?


not sure what you mean by steam washed. hand washing is the gentlest washing method i can think of aside from dry cleaning. for me ala akong labandera kaya machine washed lahat ng mga damit ko. i find the trick is to iron it inside out. do not iron directly yung labas nya, dahil honeycomb nga ito, mas delicate sya kumpara sa insides, kaya you shld iron that side instead. of course do not use any bleach para di malaspag yung fabric.

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uso ulit lacoste dahil sa bagong campaign ng new management. at pinutol na nila ang tie-up nila with izod sa u.s. na nakasira sa image nila (wal-mart lacostes).... pero kung polo shirts ang usapan 2 lang naman ang nangunguna- ralph lauren polo at lacoste. masmaganda ang tela ng lacoste dahil sa higher thread count ng pique nila kaya malambot siya. and nabuhay talaga sila dahil sa baby-tees at custom fit shirts nila.

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I hand wash my Lacoste shirts/polos.. I disagree with one poster that the quality is not good.. I have had several Lacoste shirts na almost 10 years na and I am still using them.. Hand wash lang.. and be very gentle.. lahat naman ng shirts niyo dapat ganito lang eh.. Pang-kurtina, kumot, etc. lang ang machine washing sa bahay..

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Status Symbol ang Lacoste. Karamihan nakita ko may ganito hindi marunong pumorma. Baka marami mag-react. ang sabi ko karamihan hindi lahat.


Pag nanuod ka tv ang makikita mo naka-lacoste mga politico na hindi bagay sa kanila yung lacoste na suot nila. Yung mga mukha nila hindi maka-afford nun.


Pag nasa mall naman karamihan chubby yung lalake. Karamihan ha.

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Guest temperamental

i like touch of pink. i only have 2 lacoste collared shirts in my closet. the crocodile reminds me of a college professor who only wears lacoste shirts (with guess jeans), as in lahat ng colors meron sya. you know that they are authenticate because he is one of the wealthiest engineers in the country (foundation engineer ng enchanted kingdom) :lol:

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im also a lacsote collector and id say i like the product because of its quality not bec. of style dahil plain polo shirts lang naman ang maganda sa kanila but the quality is really first class. here i wash my lacoste in washing machine/ and dryer and walang problema. by the way lacoste here is sooo expensive just plain lacoste cost around 90 euro around 6 thousand pesos.

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May size 7 green honeycomb ako na minsan ko lang nasuot kasi it was a gift given to me by a friendly client dati - nakakahiya namang papalitan. Baka gusto nyo i trade sa authentic size 5 o 6 kahit second hand din green o any color except pink ( i have na pink). Ayan girls from size 7 daw size 5 na ako para may idea kayo ano lang built ko.

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