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We Broke-up Because...

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ex 1. it was a long distance relationship


and we fell-out... and found others :boo:


ex 2. another long distance relationship


culture and language barrier... foreigners are not good in language :D


ex 3. different work schedule


we had no time for each other... and living secret lives :huh:


ex 4. my fault his pain


fall-back guy... :evil:

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her parents didn't like me coz I was younger. I didn't think it was right for her to be scolded or treated like a bad child just for going out with me.


I knew the relationship would be too hard with parents opposing. :) I knew that if I continue this relationship dapat till marriage na but I was too young then and didn't know when I plan to be at that stage. She was marriage material though. I was stupid and foolish :D

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we broke up and i found that she cheated on me even when i gave her everything..i don't know what's did i do wrong.. siguro di na nya ako love.. but i still do.. just like magic from Krynn.. it was gone.. but for me i still have a room for her here in this muscle organ called heart

sad reality but true

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