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Have U Ever Begged......

Guest BDC0425

nagmakaawa kana ba na wag ka iwanan?  

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  1. 1. nagmakaawa kana ba na wag ka iwanan?

    • yes
    • no

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Guest Camerie


Have already done it specially for those BF of mine who I loved so much... I did it even if it wasn't my fault... Right now, thinking about it... I regret doing it specially when they guy didn't deserve it... :thumbsdownsmiley:

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To be honest, I did. But I have no regrets. When I love, I don't love conditionally, and if I feel like doing something that I think can save our relationship, why not.


In my case, it was my ex who cheated, and when we broke up, I attempted to fix things but he was even too proud to say he's over me. And so, I let go.


A month after, a mutual friend told me, he and the new gurl broke up. So thate explains why 2 days before she told me that news, he called me up, wanting to talk to me. Me and my big mouth... I never talked to him.


And this I can say: I've never been happier that I'm no longer stuck in that realtionship and with a sucker for low-life guy like him.



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Guest temperamental

i always keep in mind what my mother did back then. she was a feisty, hard-headed woman, there was too much pride in her that she dare not beg a guy to bet back with her when 2 of her relationships ended. but it was all different with my father. she loved my father dearly that when they had a major fight a few months before their wedding, she swallowed her pride, went to my dad's province to ask him back. good thing she did that since my dad got back with his other girl. and that was 26 years ago.


i would only beg if i love the guy the way my mother loved my father, and if and only if that guy loves me back the way my father loved my mother :)

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yeah... begged, cried, nagpropose pa ko na ako ang manliligaw sa kanya... come to think of it, it was rather the most idiotic thing i ever did... ganun paa yun.. once you get over the feeling, yung pagiging emotional and think of all the pain and all the faults of the person, you'll get over it somehow...


in the end you become a better person... laking baggage ang natanggal sayo... you'll realize that you're better off without him and he's really not that worth it... ehehehe... guess everyone plays the fool once in a while...

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Guest Camerie

Depends on how much I love the guy... There were some instances I did beg my bf to stay and not leave me because I loved the guy so much... But thinking of it now, how I wish I didn't do it because he doesn't deserve it... :(

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