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  1. Dear BBM, Ganda ng ads mo. Simple. Elegant. Feels Good.
  2. Dapat buksan uli itong kasong ito pag nanalo ka nang Presidente. Hindi dapat mangyari uli ang organized manipulation of ballots noong 2016.
  3. Indeed! The petitioners are Filipinos. They disagree with the basis by which Maria Ressa was considered a Nobel awardee.
  4. I do not have to respond to all of your posts, particularly the irrelevant ones. I won't help you hog the thread with your litany of inane and silly arguments. Just enjoy yourself reading fantasies of Terry Goodkind. In the meantime, Marcos will continue dominating the presidential race no matter how much "historical" BS and fantasies you dish out.
  5. It is the government that spearheads projects that private investors cannot take on without government help and incentives. This is true especially for renewable power projects, telecoms, irrigation, provincial and municipal roads, airports, seaports, etc... The wind farm in Bangui was spearheaded by the Ilocos provincial government when BBM was the governor. They coordinated the feasibility studies, right-of-ways, permits, environmental compliance certificates, even up to international financing and passing enabling laws to push the project through. Just as Duterte can claim credit for the Build!Build!Build! infrastructure program, BBM can rightfully claim credit for initiating the windfarm project, as well as the agro-industrial development programs of Ilocos during his terms as Vice Governor and Governor.
  6. And who is Terry Goodkind? A writer of fantasies. Bad choice of reference. Equating heinous crime of gang rape to democracy? Now I see where your perverse views are coming from.
  7. One political analyst said that Digong's blind item claim is a tactic to pre-empt opposition from using the same issue against BBM-SARA further down the line towards May 2022. Floating the issue now forces public discussion about it. The interest will eventually die down in the next 2 to 3 weeks. It then becomes a stale issue ( "Panis na yan!" ), which makes it ineffective if the opposition uses it later in the game.
  8. Dear Digong, Thanks for running for Senator.
  9. Due diligence on Mijares? I did not. The post is not mine. It just popped up in my Facebook page. But it's worth re-posting, complete with references. Your idol Primitivo Mijares has been sufficiently demolished. This, alone, invalidates all your arguments.
  10. Dear Bongbong, Sige lang, you can be sure of at least 40 million votes! Di na mangyayari uli and EDSA People Power. Natuto na ang mga tao. Tingnan mo na lang, for several years already, palaging nilalangaw ang February 25 EDSA People Power day. Yellows are now irrelevant. They died to irrelevance and were buried during the 2019 midterm elections.
  11. I post below an excerpt from a post on Facebook from certain Ms. Thea Tan on Nov. 15, 2021 about PRIMITIVO MIJARES: "Quote: Marcos critics often cite Primitivo Mijares’ book, The Conjugal Dictatorship, and take this book as ABSOLUTE TRUTH about martial law. Many of those who cite this book didn’t even read it, nor did they bother to research Mijares’ reputation as a known paid propagandist before and during martial law. ----- ACCORDING TO WIKILEAKS: “Mission able confirm Primitivo Mijares, former Chairman, Media Advisory Council (abolished November 1974) and well-known Philippine columnist and Marcos apologist has, in fact, abandoned the New Society. "Mijares' moved not surprising to Manila community which recognizes him as a complete opportunist who recently was feeling the hot breath of martial law regime for certain recent extra-curricular activities. Allegedly, Mijares gambled away 50,000 dollars of GOP funds during a 1974 Las Vegas visit, misappropriated for personal use 7,000 dollars of the First Lady's (Imelda) personal funds, and attempted to rape a well-connected Philippine Foreign Service secretary while in New York for the Trade Center opening, all of which accumulated to make the prospect of a return to Philippines decreasingly attractive." Wikileaks also revealed that Mijares received “financial inducements” from Marcos’ political enemies, the Lopezes. [1] ---- Quoting RUBEN DIARIO, in this 1974 article, Managing the media Filipino style: “The worst of these newspapermen were those who covered the House of Representatives, whose over-100 headline-hungry members were easy pickings for newsmen extortionists. The dean of these Congressional reporters was Mr. Mijares himself (who bragged before martial law that he was worth P3 million), who, upon his appointment as MAC chairman, promptly surrounded himself with his cronies from the Congressional Press Club. "Mr. Mijares himself is a most interesting case study in media opportunism.” [2] ---- STEVE PSINAKIS, an anti-Marcos critic married into the Lopez family that owns ABS-CBN, wrote in his memoir: “The US justice department’s investigation revealed that after his February 1975 defection, Mijares did, in fact, extort money from Marcos by feeding him imaginary information for which Marcos was ignorant enough to pay considerable sums. While Mijares was still receiving money from Marcos, he was at the same time lambasting Marcos in the US press, causing the Marcos regime irreparable damage.” [3] ---- According to STERLING SEAGRAVE, in his book, The Marcos Dynasty: “Ferdinand first tried to discredit Mijares by circulating that he had absconded with government funds, that he was paid $150,000 by the Lopezes to join the anti-Marcos exiles, and that he was staying in the United States because of a liaison with a Filipina exile. (Mijares had left his wife and family in Manila.) “Meanwhile, Mijares was playing both sides against the middle. After “defecting,” he was secretly accepting money from Ferdinand’s agents in exchange for information about the exiles. The FBI discovered later that Mijares had signed several vouchers for $20,000 and at least one of these signatures was authentic. The February 24, 1975 voucher bore the handwritten notation: “Sir; I received this. Tibo Mijares.” ---- Wouldn't you question the credibility of this book knowing this was written by someone who was not scrupulous about who paid him for what, and who received money from the number one oligarch during Marcos' regime: the Lopezes? And why not ALSO read the following books from REAL journalists who were once communists, or had been arrested and jailed during martial law but “WOKE-UP” to being brainwashed by black propaganda? These journalists/authors are: ---- RIGOBERTO TIGLAO - Journalist and author of DEBUNKED and Colossal Deception Tiglao was arrested in July 1973, together with nearly all of the Communist Party’s Manila-Rizal Regional Committee, which he headed. He was incarcerated in five Marcos detention centers for about a year and half, together with his late wife, Raquel, from 1973 to 1974: the Philippine Constabulary’s (PC) 5th Constabulary Unit in Camp Crame; that of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) in Camp Aguinaldo; that of the National Intelligence Coordinating Authority in its headquarters at V. Luna Road in Quezon City (where it still is); as well as the Ipil Youth Rehabilitation Center and the maximum security Youth Rehabilitation Center, both in Fort Bonifacio — the latter two being the biggest during the martial law period. ---- CECILIO ARILLO - Journalist and author of Greed and Betrayal, Breakaway, and A Country Imperiled Arillo was jailed during the martial law regime for his stories on the irregularities in the sugar industry. Under the Aquino administration, he was again arrested on Dec. 9, 1987, by troops led by Brig. Gen. Ramon Montaño, and jailed without formal charges; after that, armed men broke into his offices and carted off his documents and other valuables; then in 1990, the Department of Justice, under Sen. Frank Drilon, charged him with rebellion. In 1992, unidentified men machine-gunned his house. In 1998, under the Ramos administration, the Justice Department, whose chief was Sen. Teofisto Guingona, implicated him in the 1986 kidnapping and double murder of labor leader Rolando Olalia and his driver, Leonor Alay-ay. The background to all these depredations, as Arillo saw it, were the stories he filed as Manila Times columnist and reporter about the corruption, human rights violations, “gross misgovernance, misgovernance, hatred, and vengeance” of the Marcos, Aquino, and Ramos regimes. ---- ROD KAPUNAN - Journalist and author of Reflections on Martial Law: Saving the Republic Kapunan used to be a high-ranking member of the CPP-NPA in the 60s and 70s and a known propagandist during martial law. When Marcos was "ousted", Kapunan decided to read all the writings about Marcos, books written by Marcos, studied all the agencies created during the Marcos regime, gathered so much data, and realized that what we hear from the media are all propaganda. Eventually, Kapunan wrote books "to set the record straight". ---- And special mention the following authors: JUAN PONCE ENRILE - Author of Juan Ponce Enrile, A Memoir Juan Ponce Enrile’s career spans six presidencies from Ferdinand Marcos to Benigno S. Aquino III, during which the Philippines metamorphosed from a free-wheeling republic into a brutal dictatorship that eventually gave way to a turbulent return to democratic rule. Sheer longevity, proximity to power and a forceful personality have made Enrile difficult to trivialize, much less ignore. Neither his friends nor his enemies have the power to exaggerate or misrepresent his gifts as well as his faults; they would have to reckon with the man’s personal point of view, here most eloquently told from where he stood and contributed his share to the nation’s narrative. LEWIS GLEECK - Author of President Aquino: Sainthood Postponed (banned or out of print in the Philippines) Mr. Gleeck was a member of the Foreign Service of the United States, serving several times in Washington and in Canada, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Iceland, Norway and Pakistan before arriving in the Philippines, where he retired after six years (1962-1969) as Consul General of the American Embassy in Manila. He then joined the USAID to work on land reform and cooperatives and subsequently to serve for several years as consultant on base-community relations to the U.S. Navy at Subic Bay. He was a long-time editor of the AHC Bulletin and curator of the AHC library ==================================== Sources: [1] Wikileaks - Declassified Cable - 1975 February 24 https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/1975MANILA02351_b.html [2] Ruben Diario (1974) Managing the media Filipino style, Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars https://www.tandfonline.com/.../14672715.1974.10413017 [3] Steve Psinakis; A Country Not Even His Own [4] Sterling Seagrave; The Marcos Dynasty The bio of these journalists can be found in the preface or introduction of their respective books. Unquote..."
  12. But Mijares story is clear propaganda used by the Yellows and Oligarchs. While the version of history I subscribe to is based on my own personal knowledge of what happened during those times, as well as narrations from people who were there, too. Where is Marcos propaganda in my version? .
  13. Wag mong iboboto si Leni kung sa tingin mo sinungaling sya dito: http://pinoytrendingnews.net/look-final-proof-that-robredos-viral-waiting-for-a-bus-photo-a-fake/
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