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Honda Cars

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#1 beast622



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Posted 11 December 2007 - 06:59 PM

here's the story:

my dad took our civic for it's scheduled check up in honda cars la union....

they were suppose to change a sensor on the engine in which the car needed to lifted up(this was the comment honda cars pangasinan regarding the replacement of the said sensor). Honda cars la union did not lift the car but instead worked on it without lifting the car:result....the technicians raptures the power steering hose on the car:they did not bother to tell us this:my dad took the car to carmen rosales because he works there and the next day he noticed the fluid leaking:he rushed the car over to honda cars pangasinan(calasio) and there they told us that we need to replace the power steering hose which cost 12.5k ther....in manila it's 9.5k.....

aren't they suppose to replace that because it's there people who did this....we were not able to file a complaint against honda cars la union because when my dad went home it was on a fridaay...and they have to leave on a sat for their flight to palawan.....

until now we havent heard from honda yet.......

is this what they call good enough is never enough?

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:05 PM

Y go far, hwen u have Honda Otis to ensure you get into an accident.

Use to work for a machine company (X) and we have the City as our service vehicle. My female boss had her car in for an annual check and tire rotation. Got it 2 days after and guess waht, as she was leaving Otis along UN Ave, her right hind wheel detached! the screws wer not replaced properly by maintenance!

Know wat Honda Otis did, "sori po maam. patawarin na ninyo. baka mawalan ng trabaho... " And the franchise of Honda Otis (Yuchengco) did nothing! Wat can we expect from the family.... They ran with PAcific Plans diba!

Scrupolous bastards!

#3 beast622



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Posted 13 December 2007 - 11:02 AM

lucky for your boss brohumingi p sila ng taawad......smin till now wala parin ginagawa.......

is this what we call casa maintained.......buti p driver ng erpats k alaga nya yung mga auto namin..........

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Posted 04 January 2008 - 03:22 PM

If you have a friend that's a mechanic or street races, have him teach you the mechanics of your car engine. This way, you can fix it yourself or at least know when the "certified" Honda mechanic is lying to you in hopes of padding your bill with unnecessary service/parts.

Me and my bro took our Honda Civic "project car" (I bought it as a "fixer-upper", bored, needed something to do) to the Honda in Tarlac. Not only did it take the "experts" 8 F*CKING HOURS to fix a simple problem with the timing belt (adjusting it), but the useless monkeys inside also managed to break an O2 sensor while "inspecting" the engine. When we went back to complain, everybody got amnesia and "forgot our car". Like you can forget the only car in that area with over $1000 of imported equipment in it/on it.

We bought the necessary tools to fix any problem after that and have been keeping the engine maintained ourselves ever since. The trip to Honda cost p10k. The braindead morons didn't fix the problem and gave us another one as an added bonus. tanga at tamad talaga.

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#5 Bolate



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Posted 12 November 2009 - 01:46 PM

well i really had an experience (bad) from honda cars shaw.

sometime last june of this year i noticed a hissing sound from my crv everytme i use the breaks, nagana na naman sya and since that i use the same car to travel w/ my wife and kids pina chec up ko sya sa casa (usually i get my crv checkd sa casapag engine n brake ang usapan). Anyways, pinaiwan sa kin ang unit to be checkd and since sa labas kami ng manila naka reside we took the bus.

the following day, thay informed me n they have to check the "whole braking system" para malaman ang diperensya, and w/ a fee of P2,500. i agrred and and informd them na baka hydrovac.found out that they need to replace my rear brake caliper. Trusting on their knowledge about their vehicles, i agrred.

after a week, kinuha n namin ang unit and alas, the same probem still exist. after paying P 2500 for the check up and P 10,000 for the calipers etc...and guess what? bilang hugas kamay the check up will be free of charge that eventually binayaran ko na prior to the 1st 1. kaya ako n nagpagawa ng sarili ko ccrv.

and to the point n kaya sa HONDA SHAW ako nagpapagawa kasi cla "daw" ay the best amongst the honda best.......
kaya tandaan " HONDA SHAW" yun.

#6 boner51873


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Posted 12 January 2010 - 04:29 AM

HONDA ALABANG IS THE WORST! They told me to bring in my HONDA CITY only when they had the parts already. I had to bring it in because my father-in-law was hit from behid and we had to replace the rear bumper and have the trunk replaced and re-aligned. October 2009, they called up and said they had the parts and we could get the car after 6 weeks -- enough time to get the car out for the Christmas shopping time.

The 6 weeks had gone by and we were following up the car but they said they had run into problems because there were more things to fix. Well, that's ok -- at least they are thourough -- so i thought. Another 2-3 weeks wouldn't be bad as long as the car is in proper working condition. Another 3 weeks had passed, still the car wasn't ready...so we still waited patiently and just followed up every week.

The 6 weeks they initially promised turned into 4 months...my CITY spent christmas and new years at HONDA ALABANG! And all the time, we were the one's calling them up and asking when it would be done...their response: tawag po kayo next week to follow-up.

Last Monday (january 4) we followed up again and they said that the car is almost done...just some minor repairs and cleaning...we could claim it on saturday (january 9) at 4-5pm. we asked them: are you sure that we would be able to get the car on saturday? and they said yes.

Saturday 4:30pm, we went to HONDA ALABANG anticipating that we would be driving home my HONDA CITY...only to be disappointed by them saying that there was a problem with the insurance. Why weren't we notified about this? Do they think we enjoy going to their shop again and again and see their ugly faces? I talked to the supervisor and told him the problem and he assured me that everything would be fixed by Monday (january 11) morning. He even told the guy who was handling our case to prioritize our case first thing in the morning and notify us at 10AM before we picked up the car by Lunchtime...

I arrived at HONDA ALABANG a little after lunchtime...we were waiting for their call at 10am but never got one. They asked for our cell numbers last saturday but on the day that they were supposed to call, there was none. And guess what...we still couldn't get our car! Why? because they didn't call the insurance agency -- giving the excuse that the number to the insurance agency was busy. I'm sure someone was using the phone at the insurance agency for 3 straight hours! AND THEY DIDNT GIVE US A CALL LIKE THEY PROMISED!

And what do i get?

Here is a list:
1. added expenses to my phone bill for following up with them.
2. added expenses to my gasoline budget since we've been going to ALABANG a lot and leaving empty-handed.
3. Lost revenue. I am a doctor. We have one other car at home that is being shared. If someone else is using it -- say doing errands for the house -- and i get an emergency call, that i cannot answer because i have no means of transpo (there are no taxis in our part of Laguna/Cavite) then, i lose that patient and possible income.
4. More lost revenue. I waste my time going to HONDA ALABANG and I miss my clinics during the times when they said i could pick up the car.
5. Hypertension. My BP shoots up when i arrive at HONDA ALABANG during the days that they said the car would be ready for pick up only to find out they were lying!
6. Depreciation: Imagine, I'm still paying for the car that i'm not even using. It would be understandable if it was just a couple of months...but 4 months? You got to be kidding me!

So that's HONDA ALABANG for you! The worst! And they just told me: pasensya na...they take their pasensya and shove it up theirs!

#7 Gargamel



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Posted 16 April 2010 - 08:24 PM

Honda Cars Kaloocan ang best Honda for me, they will even send someone to get your car para sa change oil service

#8 Guns of the Patriots

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Posted 07 February 2012 - 08:36 PM

Parts are very expensive.....that's all I have to say.

#9 birdman24



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Posted 11 September 2012 - 11:44 PM

honda is nice

#10 alex10



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Posted 13 September 2012 - 09:50 PM

honda, mas class..walang taxi na honda

#11 greenbioman29



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Posted 26 May 2015 - 12:33 AM

Yung honda sa bgc. Nag overheat ako and no choice ako but to have it checked on their shop. Pinipilit nilang palitan lahat ng rubber tubes. I said ok pero i want to know kung sino yung specific na rubber tube and may sira. I've been going back and forth for three days and ang lagi sinasabi is ipapachekc ulit. In short no checking wa smade.

#12 ~sp



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Posted 08 July 2015 - 10:58 PM

I had the first edition honda Jazz before. I bought it 2004. After 3 years, I end up not getting the maintenance sa casa. Sometime 2009, engine light indicator was on. I immediately went to Honda BGC. They said they have to replace a couple of parts and I agreed. After repairs, I was able to use the car with no issues. About 5 months, the engine light turns-on again with oil indicator light is also lighting up, brought it back to honda BGC and advised me that they have to change some parts and it's different from what has been replaced on the first repair. I even had the maintenance. Upon going out from honda bgc after the repair, driving a few hundred meters the engine and oil light went on again, so I immediately drove back an complain. They said that it would just be a faulty sensor since they have changed a lot of parts already and there's now way that there's something wrong with the car... hmmmm....


They just simply advised me to observe the car. And true enough, the engine and oil lights went off. Every time it turns-on, I call them up to report and simply say, just observe it sir, it's just the sensor. In short, there are time when the engine and oil light indicator lights up when I'm driving. Then maintenance period comes in. went to honda BGC again for the maintenance and ask them to check on the issue that I've been complaining for more than a year already.


2004 - 2007 - Casa maintained

2007 - 2009 - nonCasa maintained

2009 - 2010 - back to casa because of the issue i'm encountering


After the said scheduled maintenance, I went south for 2 days I think then drive up north. Since I just had my maintenance with Honda BGC, I did try to test my cars performance. I drove around 140-160 on skyway. And I'm happy, it feels that I can still reach the top speed of 200 when it was still new if I'll do it. after passing skyway, went through edsa then entered NLEX. After passing the tollbooth, I'd like to try it one more time. pressed the gas hard and upon reaching 120kph, I heard a huge noise as if there's a metal knocking inside my engine. And true enough there goes my nightmare.


Been going back and forth with Honda BGC for over a year because of the light indicator issues, replaced a lot of parts and I've spent almost Php100k already with just the parts alone. Been doing maintenance again with them. And just barely less than a week after maintenance and check with them, my engine is now dead.


My car is towed from NLEX to Honda BGC. Upon Honda BGC's inspection, my oil line is clogged. And that is why I have the engine and oil light indicator turning on.


I've been spending a lot of money with Honda BGC because of this issue, replaced parts and just barely less than a week after maintenance, engine died.


The tricky part, HONDA BGC IS NOT LIABLE. Because? my warranty is void because I didn't do my maintenance 2007 - 2009 in casa. Honda is asking me to pay Php300k just for a replacement engine plus other parts and labor. Which of course I didn't avail.

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Posted 26 July 2018 - 01:29 PM


#14 Legend_Killer



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Posted 19 September 2018 - 07:42 PM

Yung Honda Cars Kalookan pinaginteresan pa yung baseball bat ko sa auto tsk tsk tsk

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