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  1. Yes with imports. They help raise the level of play. Instead of playing with the normal 6'5" local centers, our players will get used to playing with hulking almost 7 foot behemoths. Mahahasa ang laro ng mga players natin with that kind of competiton. Look at the current season of NCAA, their first without any imports. Parang inter-barangay lang ang laro. Puro takbuhan lang.
  2. Immortal666

    Admu Vs. Dlsu

    Ateneo beats rival DLSU, 75-57 to remain unbeaten in season 84 of the UAAP Men's Basketball tournament. The Blue Eagles have been unbeaten in their last 30 games dating back to 2018.
  3. Yes but not always. I remember for my History class, there was a leakage of what the topic we would do an essay about for our finals. What I did was already write my essay a day before the finals. True enough, it was the topic that we were to writ for our finals. I brought my pre-written essay with me and spent the next hour and a half pretending that I was thinking and writing. Before the time for the finals elapsed, I submitted my pre-written essay and went on my merry way. I got an A+ for that finals essay.
  4. How do you do intermittent fasting?
  5. Saradp pa rin ba yung mga brothels sa Geylang? ATW dun ah. Tagal ko na rin kasi last nakapunta sa SG, 2017 pa. That time, sa Geylang ako naka-check in kaya convenient sa pick up or brothel.
  6. When the Pandemic started and the hard lock down was imposed, I got to drive around the metro as I was an APOR. There was no traffic except for the bottlenecks created at checkpoints. I got to drive freely from points A to B without traffic. It was eerie driving with no vehicles around. Driving at 9pm felt more like driving at 3am. Hotels and malls were open but there were no people, the streets were deserted. It was like a scene taken from one of those post-apocalyptic, dystopian movies. The good thing about the pandemic-induced lock down is the lack of traffic and no crowds at malls. I kinda enjoyed that and was getting used to it already.
  7. May Plasma TV pa ba ngayon? Puro LED at OLED na lang nakikita kong binibenta.
  8. Tony Torrente Itoy Esquerra Tim Coloso Noli Banate Jeffrey Graves Vic "Rambo" Sanchez Mike Bilbao Gary Vargas Eugene Quilban Mark Anthony Tallo Silvestre "Benett" Palad
  9. Ricky Relosa and Yoyoy Villamin - the bruise brothers
  10. 17 years later and this thread I started is still alive!
  11. I have 3 credit cards: BPI Petron - lifetime no annual fees. Offers rebates for fuel-ing up at Petron but I hardly use it 'coz I have my car refueled at another gas station which offers cheaper rates for gas. Citibank Mercury Drug - offers rebates for medicine purchased at Mercury Drug. Very useful now that I have maintenance medicines as part of my monthly expenses. Citibank Rewards Card - earns rewards points. My back up card as it has a different cut off from my two other cards.
  12. Lakers suck! They celebrate 17 championship rings, but only 12 hang from their home arena's rafters.5 of their rings were won while they were still the Minneapolis Lakers. You would think that the move to Los Angeles would also make them absorb and embrace their history. But no, aside from the five championship banners being absent the jersey of Minneapolis Lakers star George Mikan is not retired. So, they don't recognize the NBA's first superstar as one of their own and the five championships banners are not hanging from their rafters yet they and their fanbase claim they have 17 championships?! Fucking delusional franchise and fanbase. 12 championships lang ang LA Fakers, oy!
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