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#21 chickieboy


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Posted 22 August 2003 - 10:50 PM

beer? :)

#22 p5yf3r



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Posted 25 August 2003 - 01:01 AM

Uy, In fairness gumana sa akin yan when I got the flu about a few weeks back. I intend to maintain this weight :D

Kaya bawas sa rice at softdrinks, choclates etc. :lol: :lol:

sabi senyo eh, tapos, never take medication, kasi pag nag-take ka, malamang tumaba ka...it's true, it happened to a friend of mine...steroid based pala kasi yung medication nya...

#23 sikosci


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Posted 25 August 2003 - 01:08 AM

gamit ko ngayon, high fat high protein diet...basta no rice, kahit ilang beses ka kumain..parang pumapapak ka lang, tapos regular exercise, and as much as possible water or juice lang..limit the softdrinks or if you must, diet soda lang...

#24 lifeless


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Posted 25 August 2003 - 01:32 AM

can we include sex as a diet? :D

#25 sheila70



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Posted 25 August 2003 - 04:11 AM

Careful with the high protein diet. I found out it's not really healthy. Had a lot of side effects but it'll mainly target the liver. Though it worked for me, I lost 48lbs in 6 months about 1 1/2yrs ago :)

But what really did it for me was ... a very painful & emotional, gut-wrenching experience :o

Eh happy na ko now, kaya eto, chubbylet again. hehehe :lol:

#26 Guest_kyut_*

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Posted 25 August 2003 - 07:50 AM

What works for me right now is the Atkins Guide to Nutrition... Yes, its a very low-carb, high protein diet, and yes, its not for everybody, but it works. I'm on my 45th day, and so far I've gone down from 240lbs to 218lbs, or about half a pound a day. My blood sugar has gone down from 181 mg/dL (with regular medication) to 87 mg/dL (without medication). I can probably lose faster if I exercise, but I'm happy so far with the results. I have been cautioned, however, by my doctor not to stay on this diet for more than 6 months because of the possible effects it will have on my liver, so I'll be on it till December 31 only. By that time, I hope to weigh about 185lbs, which should be ok for my 5'9" height.

A word of caution: Consult your doctor first and have tests done to check your liver's health as well as determine other possible causes of your weight problem.

Hope this helps ya! :)

PEACE!!!! :D

#27 vanniety


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Posted 25 August 2003 - 08:18 AM

wow!!! ayan ang dami ng choice huh.... just try the diet that best suits your lifestyle ;)

#28 Matrixxx



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Posted 25 August 2003 - 09:07 AM

help naman!!!!

Im used to be 195 lbs and im 175 lbs now.

My secret

1. I eat only when im hungry.
2. I eat anything edible but not much.
3. Avoid too much sweets, carbs and fats.
4. I dont eat late at night, I have my dinner before 6 pm.
5. I go to party and eat like animal but I double my exercise and eat less the next day.
6. No snack(juice or tea lng).
7. I excercise 3 times a week.

#29 lustfulbitch



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Posted 26 August 2003 - 08:01 PM

don't eat after 6.....
exercise every other day

#30 north


    si ziemeli

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Posted 26 August 2003 - 08:03 PM

tubig ka lang ng tubig. nakakapayat talga!

#31 d_great_on3



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Posted 27 August 2003 - 11:04 AM

proper diet... less rice... more walking and runnng...

effective ba?

tip ko..

no eating after sex...

pati after six na din...

#32 Mr_Rey_Pinyoko



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Posted 27 August 2003 - 11:07 AM

me i eat alot ........ no bawal coz of sabi nila fattening or calories ...... bsta no limits ....

bsta exercise ...... me i go for Biking ........ and sex hehehe

#33 ironjustin416



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Posted 19 September 2003 - 08:28 PM

bottom line...
cardio before breakfast and after dinner for 30 mins each
oatmeal for breakfast
chicken breast for lunch
steamed vegetables and a little fish for dinner
that's it.

#34 WitchCat


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Posted 19 September 2003 - 09:36 PM

no Rice if you want na wag lumaki tyan...oatmeal yea.. without sugar or sal :).. excercise (cardio cardio).. fiber .. eat veggies like rabbit... eat square meals a day..(though i dont eat dinner!)...High protein, low carbo

#35 Miss-TY



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Posted 20 September 2003 - 03:09 AM

I am giving you the following tips..... hope this would help

trillian is right, dirkn a lot of water, it will take out some toxic in your body. It's easier to burn you body fats.

Every morning, you do the inhale exhale exercise, you need oxygen .. OXYGEN BURNS FAT.

Have an early lunch, let's say mga 11 to 1130, so in between 4-6 nagugutom ka na, therefore you'll take your early dinner, after 6 method is quite effective simply bec. you'd be able to burn the food that you eat kung late night ka na kain, di mo na siya ma bu burn, not unless you got an "activity" at night :D

Don't eat heavy breakfast. I know some might say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but according to some research, NO!
I'd compare our body to a car, when you start di naman agad punta ka ng 3rd gear or 4th di ba, you stay on 1st then slowly picking up, same thing with our body. If you eat heavy on breakfast, notice that you are getting sleepy at tamad bec. your body can't easily digest the food you ate, and digesting is the most tiring activity of our body, next is sex :D :P.

You should pick up sa lunch, since the heavy load are in the middle of the day, and that will make you eat early, like my advice above. you need energy, and fiber and small amount of carbo can give you that.

But then again, it's WHAT YOU EAT. No matter what you do, kahit mag exercise ka, but if you eat a lot of carbo and protein beeyond the RDA, you can't stop the body fats to form into your body.

Eat food rich in fiber. It absorbs body fats. Cereals and fruits in the morning, continental type of breakfast is highly reccomendable.

And you have unecessary cravings, try to eat sampaloc or anything maasim, IT'S A NATURAL APPETITE SUPPRESANT. :)

And if you have a sweet tooth, tikim tikim ka lang, just to satisfy your sweet tooth pero don't finish it, di ka naman tataba sa kapirangot na sweets e. At mas madidisiplina mo pa sarili mo :)

It's important that you listen to your body. Noone can tell that you should go on diet or that diet....may binabagayan ang mga food combination. Some are more into vegies and they loose weight, some are fish person and fruits and they loose weight. Tanging katawan mo lang ang makaka determine.

Medyo mahaba na ito, I have several more ways , practical method and scientific theories, if you gurls are interested, PM lang kayo :)

I hope I was able to help kahit konti, I used to be a consultant for a health - slimming company kaya dun ko na gain yung knowledge na yan :)

Goodluck sis!

#36 Miss-TY



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Posted 20 September 2003 - 03:13 AM

keyotik, hey Atkins Nutrition is good :) we pattern some of our guidelines from there. Are you familiar with Chromium Picolinate? :)

#37 Z



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Posted 20 September 2003 - 03:36 AM

Sabi ng nutritionist namin, iba-iba for different people. Pero ang common talaga ay CARBO. The less carbo in your diet (that is why naniniwala ako sa less-rice), the shorter time you need to lose some of those pounds. At tsaka 'yung exercise daw ay indispensable. When we go on a diet daw, we just slow down our growth pero we still have to work on the fats that we have earlier stored. Pero sabi nya rin, you don't have to eliminate any food group from your diet. Sabi nya, we need a little of everything. Tsaka consistency and fortitude to stick to whatever you started. GOOD LUCK sa diet nating lahat! B)

I agree - consult a nutritionist. What works for me may not work for you plus there's the lifestyle. The challenge isn't losing it but keeping it off :)

#38 ayatolah


    Ang Panday

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Posted 20 September 2003 - 03:53 AM

kung wala ka sanang ibang gagawin kundi ayusin ang boy mo maganda sana sa gym at diet kaso pag busy ka sa office or school activities mahirap pagsabayin.

#39 Chi-Chi



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Posted 20 September 2003 - 04:09 AM

most effective diet that is really working for me.... subway diet. just eat their salads. its only got 130 calories.. have 3 salads a day and ul surely slim down

#40 ayatolah


    Ang Panday

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Posted 20 September 2003 - 04:22 AM

soryy nagkamali ako ng type to talaga sasabihin ko:
kung wala kang gagawin kungdi magdiet o magpaslim lang maganda sa gym at diet sa food kaso kung my school o office activities mahirap pagsabayin.

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