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Dog Lovers Thread


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On 1/15/2022 at 9:06 PM, cutiechavez said:

Aspin, many Aspin's need's our help, they are also a beauty, but of course if u are the type na mahilig makiuso kung ano nakikita sa artista or sa social media, go with the breed

Sometimes pet owners have specific needs that only purebreed can fulfill. ie jack russelĀ for mice controll, Rottweiler for security.Ā Ā 

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On 5/24/2019 at 9:21 AM, DorkVader said:

My pits (brothers from same litter) were sired by a famous, good tempered stud. To my dismay, mine grew up aggressive. Anyare? They are free to roam around my place as with my other rotts. They get along only with dogs and people in my home, very suspicious of others. Protective instinct overdose? Minsan OA na sila eh. But they love playing with children kahit Hindi kilala. Pero kahit papaano at least meron pa rin saving grace.

Yan mahirap sa pits, kapag nag mature sila.Ā  Like male fighting cocks raised on free range farms, their animal-aggressiveĀ behaviorĀ kicks in without warning, which is normal, because that is what they are breed for - fightingĀ other dogs and animals.Ā 

The problem is some pits also develop human-aggressive behavior without warning.Ā  And when that happens, even the famous Cesar Millan sometimes tells some of his guest that their pit is not for them.Ā Ā 

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