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  1. Im looking for an HK VP9 pero i cant find one, sana magkaroon sa next gun show.
  2. Nmax oks talaga, may abs system for braking safety system.
  3. According to a friend, mount apo has 3 stop over(campsites which has toilets and refilling stations)
  4. I prefer saltwater fishes than on freshwater, Ung downside lang eh hirap sa maintenance kc kelangan pa ng proper ratio ng salt everytime magchange ka.
  5. cloud2012


    Fave ko ung Middle Ages Collection patiunder the sea.
  6. Bordier Collie and Pomeranian are my most favorites as pets, But Chowchow and Pomeranian for business purposes.
  7. If youre single , best is to live in condo, lest traffic, close to city and malls. But shift to house and lot when starting a family.
  8. I wanted to bring back to life the people that i loved the most. Its a lot more important than any material thing.
  9. I suggest franchise is much better, ROI will take same time but it is more stable rather than starting your own food cart that will not guarantee a strong market or number of consumers
  10. When mining crypto, go for the latest ones, i dont suggest mining for older cryptos like BTC or ETH, Also, you you to have plenty GPU for better counts
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