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  1. superrrrrr happy todayyyyyy

    1. Bajong


      Sana all happy

  2. Are you sure you’re not minor?🙈🤦🏻‍♀️
  3. seeyou @ spa 🧿🙈

  4. “I wanted to send you a video, Let me have your number so I can text it to you.”(🤣🙈🧿)
  5. I prefer fancy dinner. Then ill plan the travels🤣🙈🧿
  6. i never beg for him to comeback, if he dont love me anymore you’re FREE to go. Next please!😉🧿🤣
  7. haha omg please wear nothing while cleaning thats sexy 🤣🙈🧿 (i wanna see the wiggle)
  8. travel, gourmet food, new gadgets, new car, new condo, to be pampered,monthly allowance, 🤣🧿
  9. Money, Money, Money🤣🧿
  10. love it, just got waxed…. 🧿


  11. 1. Pampered my self 2. Book a flight 3. Eating my fave food 4. yoga
  12. haha i dont allow any of my ex read my messages, it’s my privacy duhhh
  13. im just waiting for the right time to block u.🧿🤣

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