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What Do Men Notice First In Women Physically?

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hmmm..di ko msyado unang pinapansin ung TNA (tits&ass), nahahalata ko na lng un after, mdalas kc siniswerte ko dun (ung nde ko napapansin na may TNA, later na ko na lang nahahalata hehe :boo: )..mostly sa face ang una kong kinikilatis then sa balat, mejo pabor kc ko sa mga mapuputi, khit kayumanggi, ok din, mdalang ko magkatype na morena pero meron din akong type na gnun tpos ung paa&legs kung malinis ang kuko,mganda ang paa,puti&kinis ang legs..sa katawan nman, khit slim or mejo chubby (sarap ihug ;) ), trip ko din..tpos pag nakilala ko & ok ung personality eh di didiskartehan na :cool: :mtc:
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its nice to know that men have grown mature (hopefully!!). in the past decades men usually get attracted to the other parts of the body of a woman. Before it was boobs and butts! at least now its the face...its less humiliating for us women. i hate it when men stare at my face then oggle at my boobs! (hahahahaha!) i mean i like the attention but not to the piont when i feel they stare at my boobs and imagine themselves playng with it! Men! when it comes to female anatomy, your minds are as translucent as the jellyfish!!!! :) :P

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