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What Covid Vaccine Did You Get?

What Covid 19 Vaccine Did You Get  

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  1. 1. What Covid 19 Vaccine Did You Get? (Answers can be changed anytime)

    • Sinovac
    • Moderna
    • Pfizer
    • Johnson and Johnson
    • AstraZeneca
    • Sputnik V
    • I do not believe in Covid 19, I will not get vaccinated
  2. 2. Which City Did You Get Your Vaccine?

    • Manila
    • Quezon City
    • Makati
    • Las Pinas
    • Caloocan
    • Malabon
    • Mandaluyong
    • Marikina
    • Muntinlupa
    • Navotas
    • Paranaque
    • Pasay
    • Pasig
    • San Juan
    • Taguig
    • Valenzuela
  3. 3. Do You Think The Philippine Government is Doing The Best it Can of Dealing With The Pandemic?

    • YES
    • NO

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On 9/6/2021 at 9:51 PM, MTC said:

So, what did you get? From what city? Do you think this pandemic could have been managed better?

moderna @ QC but not from LGU

To properly manage any problem, the first thing one should do is admit that there is a problem that should be addressed. What the government has been doing since before the very 1st case of covid in the country is to downplay the issue. Up until now, any new variant that crops up is always regarded as "ISOLATED CASE" and is almost always declared as "CONTAINED" until such time that it's already wide spread and we go full circle to our initial response 2 years ago which is declare ECQ

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More accurate info
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Di ako makapaniwala na may mga bumoto na ok ang pag handle ng gobyerno natin sa pandemic.  Di mahirap makita na sa buong Asia.  Isa tayo sa pinaka bumagsak ang ekonomiya at halos pinakamabagal mag vaccinate ng mga tao.  Kahit Pakistan at Indonesia na mas mahirap at mas malaking bansa sa atin ay mas marami na ang vaccinated at mas hindi hirap kesa sa Pilipinas... 

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On 9/7/2021 at 9:35 AM, theoneandonlymistressmia said:

1. Moderna

2. Pasig

3. Yes. I'm sorry to say but our Government is really incompent and those that are in the position are really taking advantage of the situation. 

° False Count of Covid Cases. I had a staff from our firm who died due to severe anemia and anorexia. He had this condition for quite some time already because he was a drug addict back then and when he decided to stop, his body started deteriorating thus, when he got hospitalized and died there when the doctors spoke to his family, they offered them zero bill but he would be classified as a covid patient. 

This offer was also given to a friend of mine whose dad died of heart attack. Since they are poor. They agreed with the offer so they won't have to pay anything for his hospitalization. 


°Virus containment. Total lockdown is not entirely the solution. It even created a bigger problem to the economy. It won't stop the spread of the virus because everyone is still going out to work, to the grocery or to buy something. What they could have done are:

-Assign 1 police/representative or tanod each street and monitor each person that will come in an and out for what? 2 weeks? Out of the number of people working for the government it is impossible that there will be problems in the overhead. This way, the representatives could monitor who are really coming in and out. 

-Despite know that some needs to come to work. We know that already yet many still lost their jobs and businesses. We are all suffering the same. Poor people ain't the only people affected by this pandemic. 

-They could have hired more mobile sellers to roam each street to avoid people coming out to buy groceries and other primary needs.

3. Consolidation of Government records. I'm sorry to say this but l the reason why the government is slow at this is because they are talking every opportunity to corrupt in any way possible. This shouldn't be difficult. They just want to show that it's difficult. 

4.  AYUDAS could have been distributed properly. We all know the corruption that happened here. Do I need to elaborate?

-Real talk. When these politicians were running their campaign, why did 

-I'm sorry but "Tambays" should not have been entitled to any benefits. This is really very unfair to those who are working and doing their best to survive. Workers are the ones contributing to the society but just because they had money to spare because they worked doesn't mean they can afford all the time. 

-These Tambays should have been given jobs if they want to receive ayuda. The government could use them as representatives to guard each street entrances para may ambag naman sila sa lipunan. 

Note: When I said tambay, I mean those are the people who slacks off, tagay tagay sa kalye, Bisyo Bisyo sa tabi tabi yet they have no work. 

5. Last but not the least, lock down extensions. Their plans are so poor that they kept on extending and extending enough reasons why the people and the the economy is failing. This is killing businesses whether small or big which means this is killing the income of many. If they could have handled things better, it wouldn't end up this way. 

With what I wrote. 5 days after I got my vaccine, for the first time since last year, I had a bad cough and a flu...

I got sick and isolated myself from my loved ones.

I just recovered the other day and was able to get back on track. 

What a side effect.

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