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"Ending" | 6.1.2016 by Sinestro MTC

*while listening to The Verve*


May ending ba talaga na happy?

O sa kwento lang

Nagmula, nagtapos,

ang kathang may sapi?


Malupit ba talaga ang tadhana

O sadyang mayron lang

Tanga, gunggong,

na nag-aalay lagi sa dambana?


Kung minsa'y ginusto

nauwi sa hinusto

Nang ang tama'y naging mali

Hindi happy, walang pang-bawi,

mauuwi rin sa pagiging sawi.

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Fear not what tomorrow brings to your door,

Nor how it plans to hammer you to the floor,


Fear not what it may take away,

Nor if it will let you fight another day,


Fear not whatever fear may come true,

But truly fear what fear will make you do.



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(written and posted August 06, 2008)

heart of love, kindness, loyalty and purity
cast them away along with sincerity
from whence they came they will return
until the flames of candles lit out they burn

fly across distance to a land afar
imprisoned in walls with iron bars
cloaked from those whose fate is coarse
the elements guard and this unseen force

the key is held by one unknown
waiting to reap that which was sown
a mystery that still is wrapped in haze
how these eyes long to stare at your face

flood released through opened doors
emotions felt as the barriers tore
control is lost the heart has won
mind unthinking reasons are gone

past forgotten, the day is new
future seen together with you
memories of pain from the mind erased
sorrow in heart by love is replaced

awakened by the sun on the morning sky
tears fell though to weep not hard did i try
all was a dream which reached the end
tell me, how will my broken heart mend?

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ipaglalaban mo pag ibig mo sa kanya, e ipaglalaban ka ba nya? o susukuan ka na lang basta basta?


tama lang lumaban, pero me hangganan ang paglaban, kung ikaw na lang ang lumalaban, sukuan mo na, masakit man sa umpisa, pagmamahal sa sarili, ikaw naman ay magtira...


paano na lang yung taong mahal ka na lagi mo iniitsapwera, dahil sa paglaban mo para sa iba? ganyan din nararamdaman nya, masakit di ba?


kapatid, wag ka magpakatanga, uulitin ko, pagmamahal sa sarili, ikaw ay magtira...


wag ipagpilitan ang sarili sa drama, malamang sa alamang, ulo mo ay masira pa


mahalin ang sarili at buksan ang mata, baka ang laan sa iyo, makalampas pa. pag nagyari yun, ang tawag sa iyo, TANGA

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A Table for Two

So, what will you be having?

Shall it be the usual or is it something new?

It's been a while since we've eaten out on an evening.

And on top of that, you look beautiful tonight, too.

She was silent, eyes downcast,

A slight bite on her crimson-clad lips,

This was not desire, not even lust,

But like how captains go down with their ships.


What's wrong? You don't seem so well today,

Your eyes are sad and your thoughts seem astray,

Is there anything I can do to make it go away,

And bring back the smile I love seeing every day?

It's nothing, I'm just thinking,

It might just be that I'm just tired of what I'm doing.

It was nice before but now so...dark, so lonely, so unnerving,

I'm headed towards ruin and I feel I can do nothing.


Why the worries, my dear?

I'm always here to lend an open ear.

We see each other day after every day and yet,

We're still not as open as the first time we've met.

I have other responsibilities, love.

I also have dreams, passions and a future above.

I cannot attend to them when it's us two.

Even though they were possible because of you.


But why, is my love not enough?

We've always been together when the going went tough,

Like before, I know we can see this through,

Are you no longer happy with the promise of me and you?

You've made me the happiest person in life,

I've seen the world, the sights and all of its great heights,

But know I have to stand up for myself tonight,

Because you know we're wrong and it has to be right.

And so she left, the sound of her footsteps follow,

But surely hopeful for the uncertain future in the morrow.

And as the man looked on, the waiter came forth,

"A table for how many sir?" He asked the man now composed henceforth.


The man looked at his phone, then looked at the time,

Perhaps this evening just isn't mine.

And then he turned to the waiter, fingers brought up,

A table for two please, my wife and I will soon meet up.





*Based on a dream from a lunchtime power nap.

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Fireworks :An Emblem of Moment

by Moon Flower

amidst the sound and radiance

a colorful sparks of liberty

explode into brilliant cascades

the glow of smoke as if bewitching

brings joy and beauty to its prophet

alas, free yourself and live on

treasure and seize the present day

let them light up one's life

scare those stigmas away



Copyright © Moon Flower | Year Posted 2016


Free verse

Edited by FleurDeLune
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A Touvh of Whimsy

Steal a bottle of champagne

Revel in the delight of heat

A touch of whimsy --

Of one’s reverie

As if desirous to go anywhere

Or somewhere in Africa

The point of no return

A combination of anything

In high glee or river of woe

Alas, either a thing or two

Won‘t change anything

But a defining moment


Copyright © Moon Flower | Year Posted 2016


Free verse poetry

Edited by FleurDeLune
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Osculum Dare

Dear me, I can live for a thousand years and yet,

To not take this chance on as fair a maiden as you I will regret,

Yet I shall not sink my teeth on the flesh of your neck,

But from those scarlet lips I shall savour more than a mere peck.


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Ang Mamang Berde



Sigurado akong pinagdadaanan mo rin to:


Ayan na naman siya…


Isang araw habang pinagmamasdan kong lumipad ang mga aklat mula sa bintana ng aking drawer, nairita ako sa mamang nakatambay sa pintuan ng bodega. Gusto ko siyang paalisin kahit na alam kong ilang araw lang ay babalik siya't tatambay muli sa pintuan. Kailangan ko kasing gawin yon, kasi pagtatawanan ako. Kailangan ding walang makakita na pinapaalis ko siya, pagtatawanan din ako.


Nakakadiri siyang tingnan. Ang balat niya'y kasing kulubot at kasing berde ng ampalaya.
Kadiri! Yiks!!!
Pero ngayon, naging marahas ang pagpapaalis ko sa kanya. Nilapitan ko siya't hinatak palabas ngunit nabigo ako. Mahigpit ang pagkakakapit niya sa dingding. Sinubukan ko ulet ngunit nabitawan ko siya. Napaupo akn at siya naman ay natumba papasok sa bodega.


Sinubukan ko ulet pero di ko siya maabot. Hindi magkasya ang katawan ko sa pinto. Napagod na ko sa kakapihit ng katawan ko maabot ko lang ang mamang berde't kulubot. Napipikon na ko. Ilang sandali pa'y naabot ko ang daliri niya sa paa. Hindi ko na to pinakawalan at hinugot ko siya palabas ng bodega. Ang mamang berde't kulubot, mas malaki siya ngayon kaysa noong nakaraang linggo.


Naghanap ako ng lugar kung san siya pwede itago. Tumingin muna ang sa paligid. Walang tao. At nang makasigurong walang makakakita, dinikìt ko siya sa ilalim ng upuan. Gumaan ang pakiramdam ko't lumuwag ang aking paghinga…


Talagang mahirap mangulangot totoo yun. Kailangan ng artistic skills at patience, kung mahugot na isang problema din kung saan ipapahid ito, hindi sapat ang pagpitik lang maaari kasing may makaapak nito at madulas, mabagok ang ulo at ikamatay. (nangyari ito sa kapitbahay ko). Di rin pwedeng iwan na lang sa sahig baka makain ng pusa at mangisay na lamang ito- bawal na bawal sa mga pusa ang basang kulangot. nagiging cause ito ng pagka epileptic seizure nila, sa aso naman nauulol sila kapag nakakain nito.

The best ito sa ilalim ng upuan kasi ang init ng pwet ng nakaupong tao sa upuan ang nagpapa walang bisa ng lason nito. Kung sakaling ang taong nakaupo ay uutot, lalong makokontra nito ang lason ng kulangot.


Ewan ko ba kung bakit may sumpa ang lason ng kulangot. Salamat sa matiyagang sistema ng pangungulangot, malaking tulong ito.

Ang kulangot, bow!

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(originally posted in my thread/profile August 05 2008)

another day has come to pass
awaited night here at last
twinkling stars suspended within sight
the moon looking down shining bright

time has come for sleep my baby
know that no harm will come to thee
the body that was in the day put to test
has now welcome the offer to rest

forget the troubles, mind at ease
body and soul now in peace
close your eyes and calmly dream
spirit now flowing like a stream

my angel i've sent for you to keep
watching over you as you soundly sleep
follow their songs to where they lead
to find your home which is all you need

goodnight my baby, the one i hold dear
i am here, i promise to be near
when the dawn breaks as you open your eyes
a smile i see, a kiss i feel before the sun rise

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The similarities between a contract worker and tissue paper? They are both dispensable.


I was driving my buick all the way home when i received a call from a headhunter from the big city, i posted my resume a couple of hours ago on a site. The headhunter was a fast mover - i felt i was talking to a pro who actually is a better enforcer of ideas than me! He was very chatty the most and he was wondering how much is my salary at the office.


" 110k dollars annually." i replied. He courtly replied " Well this one you'll get 95k a year plus if you do get to win some clients, you get 170 dollars per diem and this is none taxable!". He started rambling in numbers and words that i couldn't understand, i was on the road - plus he was trying so hard to sell his idea so much that i wanted to hang up so badly. The traffic was terrible and he kept on and on.


" Wow, um, Chuck".


Yes thats his name, his name is Chuck.


" Chuck, hold on for a bit...why do you think i should accept your offer? I mean ,i've working here for a decade!".


" But Fern, this is contract to hire! the company is in acquisition, who knows you'd be absorbed!" he replied gleefully.

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- Kindness and Afterlife -

Spreading the good news

Spreading the kindness

Kindness keeps spreading

Kindness heals rascals

Rascals were lying

Rascals and the pope

Pope and Cardinals

Pope re-entered Rome

Rome the papal territory

Rome the city of Roman religion

Religion has no office hours

Religion as a set of an unseen being

Being a light to others

Being Christian is more than being good

Good name as a personal integrity

Good progress that grows hopeful

Hopeful to have time for others

Hopeful for the kind of love

Love of God and love of neighbor

Love is patient

Patient means being peaceful

Patient means being merciful

Merciful and being considerate

Merciful God

God hides inside you

God as the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit is God's power in action

Holy Spirit has nine fruits

Fruits of gentleness

Fruits of faithfulness

Faithfulness being “divine persuasion”

Faithfulness means commitment

Commitment requires faithfulness

Commitment requires self-sacrifice

Self-sacrifice is an altruistic abstinence

Self-sacrifice is akin to self-denial

Self-denial is also self-abnegation

Self-denial leads to self-improvement

Self-improvement must remove old habits

Self-improvement in Christianity

Christianity as a religion based on beliefs

Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus

Jesus chose to suffer on the cross

Jesus ascended to heaven

Heaven as the throne of God and the holy angels

Heaven as the abode for the righteous dead in the afterlife

Afterlife as a contrast to the belief in “oblivion after death

Afterlife as a continuation of existence in a spiritual realm






Copyright © Moon Flower | Year Posted 2016


Christian-themed poem / Blitz poetry

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Your strong words are a dagger in my heart.

You won't care even if i fall apart.

I miss you...

I need you...

There is still a mystery that i cannot resist.

Rip my heart out, judge me from my past,

your too cruel, I'll let you bleed with me.

This soul is much harder than you thought.

I'll forget you oh sure, you don't deserve to be remembered.

I miss you...

I need you...

My heart and my soul is corrupted with vengeance.

I'll drown you out so you'd feel my suffocation from you.

Damn I'm so stupid, giving up all that i have and do,

But I enjoyed it and that's what it makes this heart fall for you.

I will not give up.. I will not give in...

You'll see.....
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Pagtalik kay Kalikasan


Pagtatalik at pagsusulat: Isang paghahambing

Ang pinakamasiklab na romansa at orgasmo ng isang manunulat ay ang makaulayaw ang mga salita at makagawa ng isang akda; ang luwalhati niya'y ang mabasa ang kaniyang likha!


Mahirap makatalik ang gabi

Sapagkat nakatingin sa akin ang langit

At naninilip ang mga bituin.

Baka rin magalit ang buwan

At hilahin niya ang dagat paitaas

Upang basain ang tuktok ng bundok

Ayaw ko namang lumipad ang mga sirena at sapsap

At lumangoy ang mga pipit

O mamukhang isang basong ispesyal na halo-halo ang mundo-

Na lalamunin ng aking pagnanasa.


Hindi ko yata kayang makatalik ang gabi

Sapagkat masyado siyang malawak

Hindi siya maabot ng aking bisig

Upang yakapin nang mahigpit

Ni hindi ko nga alam kung anong kasarian niya

O kung papayag siyang magpahalik sa akin

Hindi ko naman alam kung nasaan ang kaniyang labi

Baka sampalin lamang niya ako-

Nang kung ilang libong beses.



Ayaw ko nang magnasa sa gabiwalang silbi

Natatakot rin akong baka magselos ang araw,

At hindi na siya sumikat.balang araw

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Meet Me At Eight


"Hey there. What's up?"

"I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for me."

"Oh, that's nothing. Just the thank you's


"No, really, I insist. I'd like to show you how much I'm thankful

for everything."

"Umm...sure. So, what's your plan?"

"My friends showed me this nice place out of town.

Food trip!"

"But...my pay's not yet due until the 28th.

I don't have that much since my advance

when we last met on the 14th."

"Oh, no problem. This time it's on me."

"Are you sure? I...I should be the one-"

"I insist. It'll be on me."

"Okay...thanks. So, when do you plan on


"Hold on a minute, all right?"


"Hey, what's up?"



"Hey, long time no see."

"That was just last week. Would you like to have fun?

I'm free tonight."

"Umm...sure. Why so sudden?"

"I just happened to need to get something really quick.

It's a personal thing."

"Okay. How much would you be


"Same like last time."

"All right. Sure, what time later?"

"Meet you same place at eight. But I have to be back home

early, 'kay?"

"Sure thing. Eight it is then."

"Okay, see you!"

"See you."

"Hey, still there?"

"Yeah, I am."

"How does tomorrow sound to you?"

"Hmm, that soon? Sure thing. I'm free."

"All right, meet me at eight same place? We'll go

from there."

"Sure! Eight it is then."

"All right! Excited?"

"Sure am. See you tom?"

"See you tom."

"Take care. Goodnight!"



"I'll be on my way in a bit. You better be ready."

"When was I not? Okay, see you."



*based on a friend's confession*

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