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BDO Complaints


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They must at least provide chairs for waiting customers. But I don't understand some clients what's taking them so long. It usually takes me 5-10minutes when im at the counter already wacko.gifwacko.gif

Bank policy ata ang walang upuan sa branches. Diba mga SM salesgirls bawal rin umupo?
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Pro: Bukas sila kapag weekend (Usually sa malls)

Con: Wala pa din sila queuing system. Lahat nakapila. Really? Meron naman sa BPI at Metrobank.


  • Kung urgent ang case, may lane sila para dun.
  • Deposit lang? May lane din sila nun.
  • New Account? May lane din sila.
  • Multiple Transaction? May lane uli.
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we find ways to:


1. make it more harder for you.

2. make you mad

3. make bank tellers have more time to chika with one another

4. to get more service fee from you

5. to make more reasons to leave and take my business elswhere!



6. charge more from you when you use our ATM.

7. give you undispensed withdrawals at our ATMs



ok sana sila at sila lang ang bangko na mall hours, pati may weekend banking, pero may mga sablay silang talagang hassle.

Totoo to! BDO pinaka walang kwentang bank! Complicated unreasonable process. Pwe

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