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How would you know if you really, genuinely love someone?

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I know I love someone when I feel empowered to surmount whatever trials that come my way. She is my strength when I'm weak, my joy when I'm sad, my hope when I'm dejected.


I know I love her when I'm not ashamed to cry if she leaves me, yet finding the courage to let her go and being grateful to have known her.


I know I love her when simply holding her hand makes me content with what life has to offer and that, equally important, there's more to being in a relationship than just sex.

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when you reason with reason. =(

when you break your own rules. =(

when you give more than you could. =(


it took me three wrong, messy, hurtful and disastrous relationships to realize and believe that before you could love someone, you have to love yourself first.

kung mahal ang sarili mo, it will follow. mamahalin mo rin sya. =)

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She's the only one you think about all day and night. She's included in your future plans. Her happiness is your happiness. You missed her already for not seeing her a few hours or minutes. When you are with her you feel that you are the luckiest man in the world and you don't care what the world says.

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