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anyone here play Skyrim and tell me if its any good? The hypes have been nice, but I wanna know the opinions of my fellow Filipino.


If you're big on sandbox/open-world and story-driven RPGs, you'll love Skyrim. You'll feel that you're part of something epic. Plus, I already clocked in a good 40+ gameplay hours, and I'm not even a quarter through the main quest line. Not bad for a game which promised 300+ hours of gameplay.


However, lags, choppy framerate, and dozens of bugs ruin the experience most especially on the PS3. The new patch (1.3) didn't seem to address the issues, and I think gave the game even more bugs, i.e., freezing, which wasn't as frequent pre-patch. The PS3 firmware update (4.0) also seemed to make matters worse not just for Skyrim but for other games as well (Uncharted 3 is confirmed to also freeze with this update), so if you play a PS3, I'd avoid updating it if I were you.


Bottomline, Skyrim is awesome. I just hope Bethesda and Sony release a proper patch/update soon. Like, tomorrow soon. unsure.gif


On topic:


Assassin's Creed Revelations

just finished Arkham City and Uncharted 3

thinking of picking up 2k12 again, since they also released a patch that apparently improves gameplay tremendously

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"starcraft 2: wings of liberty" on pc

"uncharted 3: drake's deception" and "batman: arkham city" on ps3

"angry birds", "angry birds rio", "angry birds seasons", "super sudoku", "marble blast", "air attack hd 1 &2", "safari! lite", "3d bowling", "fruit slice", "defender", "aqua pets", "clouds and sheep", "wind-up knight", "guns n glory", "assaulter", "cut the rope", "a space shooter", "paper toss", "asphalt 6 hd", "airpenguin", "tiki kart 3d", "blood and glory" and "great little war game" on my samsung galaxy tab 8.9 tablet.

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