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  1. there's a big possibility the old airport will be reactivated. that will be good news, silay is 45 to 60 minutes away from bacolod depending on the traffic, which is rare in bacolod. from silay you'll pass talisay, where the old skeleton house (romantically known as The Ruins) still stand, on your way to bacolod. the people are the friendliest i've met. oh yes, mestizas abound! The (Negros) Showroom is open daily, 9am to 7pm, to serve clients with fine taste for unusual quality craft products. the place is a showcase of ilonggo creativity and craftsmanship in clothes, trinkets, sculptures, food, etc. the city itself is old so expect their cuisine to be influenced by chinese, spanish, malayan and filipino way of cooking. it's eclectic, yummy and INEXPENSIVE! 18th Pala-Pala is their equivalent of our Dampa. guys, share your bacolod trips here ...
  2. i bought a set of cctv (1 monitor with 4 cameras) last april 16, 2011. last week one of the charger (connecting the camera to the electrical outlet) conked out. so i told my messenger to bring the defective charger to the cdrking store where i bought it. at the back of my receipt says 6 months warranty but the store says they'll only replace if a defective item is returned within 2 weeks. besides, they said they don't have spare chargers to replace defective ones! hmmm ... tomorrow i'd be paying them a visit, but i'll bring along my friend from san juan municipal office just in case they don't want to uphold consumer protection laws
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