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1 Month Without Sex

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i can make it even years kasi subok ko na yan noon nasa saudi arabia pa ako way back 90's every two years bago ako makatikim ng luto ng diyos kung tawagin hehehe ...talaga naman pati sa kalokohan sabit pa din ang name nya..pero salamat din ako kasi tipid but i never had sex with any girl with pay ... i never f#@k pros.....

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2 years na kami, simula ng magnegosyo sya, madalang na kaming mag sex, minsan once a week, naging 2x a month, ngayon 1 month na hindi pa rin kami nag sesex, nag try na kong yayain sya kaso ayaw nya, wala daw sya sa mood :( , sobrang aga nya matulog lagi :( hindi ko na sya niyaya ngayon kasi baka mapahiya lang uli ako. Madalas ko tuloy maisip na may babae sya or minsan na iinsecure na rin ako, kaya kahit gabi ng super exercise ako para maging sexy at super diet :( .


Feed your husband OYSTERS!!!!

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I've actually had 6 months without sex.


It was a time when I was assigned to live and teach in Baltimore, MD in the year 2000.


I lived alone in a hotel suite.


I also couldn't believe that I survived that long without it.


But I am glad. I can choose to be celibate pala under such circumstances.

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After a month of posting my problems here and you guys gave all your efforts to comfort me, I found out last week that he has another woman...that explains all...


I'm sincerely thankful for all the kindest replies that I read.


I am sorry for your loss, be brave, and always remember that there are lots of successful businessman who are single and in need of a caring woman like you.

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