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Best Wifi Router

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Good day to all mtc tech guru ano po best wifi router? my Personal Computer is stationed in another house from my laptop kaya house to house and pagitan ano best? im looking at




pero sa ibang sites ang dami nagbebenta ng LINKSYS WRT54G WIRELESS, aren't they contented with this model? purely hype lang ba?

a friend of mine suggested to get directly from PLDT DSL para compatible talaga... hope some of you can have time to give advice wanna be online often using my laptop


isp ko nga pala po PLDT DSL thanks for dropping by :thumbsupsmiley:

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I would like to suggest that you should refrain from getting a mental set of "looking for the best". As you might very well know already, technology is constantly improving on a day to day basis. Lots of companies are doing their R & D every minute. What you can actually try to gauge and evaluate is what is the best you can get for the price you are willing to pay for at the given time you are needing the gadget.

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Guest Leviticus

I have two wifi routers..


linksys wrt54g (hehe.. I'm typing this from memory so pasensya na if I get it wrong) and a tplink TL-WR542G. funny.. the TPlink brand is cheaper than the linksys and dlink.


between the two I prefer the TPlink better. I use it at our office, may wifi signal hanggang sa labas and across the street. yung linksys kasi ang daming features pero hindi ko naman nagagamit since naka dynamic connection ako. mabuti sana kung naka static IP ako..


anyway.. masmalaki kasi ang antenna ng TPlink as compared to the linksys router kaya siguro masmalayo ang signal. oo nga pala, one factor that hinders wifi signal is the metal inside your walls.


pero may I suggest that you also get a wireless access point to increase the distance of your signal. hindi masyado effective kasi ang mga range extenders. in my case hindi kaya ng wifi router to provide signal in a 4-storey dorm/house. kailangan ko pa ng WAP :(

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Guest lustfortravel

i use linksys wrt54g and even my neighbors can access the internet...if they ask me for the password. ;)


my isp is also pldt.

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mga mtc gurus whats the difference of G and N series? How come masmahal ang N series? Mas high tech po ba ito? 15 to 20 meters away ang house ko from my other house which i plan to wifi and 3 walls in total ang pagitan, what do you think is best for me?

Do i also need to buy the booster or receiver po? thanks!

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Guest Leviticus
N type has a stronger signal compared to G type routers.

pero kailangan N type din and wifi card ng PC.

I even heard na tagos daw sa wall ang signal ng N type but I have not tested it personally

it depends rin sa type and composition ng wall. based on my experience eto.


syempre kapag de-plywood lang ang mga dingding nyo, buong bahay magkakaroon ng signal. however.. if your walls have plenty of metal supports inside it (yung mga iron bars and mga alambre), the signal strength becomes diminished.


lalo na kapag "chicken fence" ang laman ng mga dingding nyo. somehow the signal strength goes down :(

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Guest Leviticus
sir how would i know if my laptop a NEO brand core2duo is compatible w/ a N or G po? thanks

there's an easier solution. normally there's a cardbus that accompanies these routers (at least my linksys did).

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update sa mga mtc gurus last night kinabit na yun linksys g router ko kaso nag flufluctuate sa ibang parts ng compound and napuputol so the next morning(today) i bought a linksys expander and no need to configure and now my wifi is doing great even though the linksys espander or repeater ang tawag nila ay more expensive than the router hahaha pero its ok thanks ulit sa lahat :thumbsupsmiley:

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I'm not a techie person but I'm using Dlink now, it's the cheapest kasi. -_-


Been using it for more than one year already.. 24/7 sha naka-on.. bihira ko lang ma-off. My house is pretty big.. thick walls and all.. I can use my i-touch even inside my comfort room.. that's about 2 rooms away from my router. Btw, PLDT DSL rin ang ISP ko.


Like I've said, I'm not a techie person but I was able to set-up my router. Tuwang tuwa nga ako sa sarili ko eh.. nilagyan ko pa ng password. :P


Some of the Best

---Net Gear

---D Link

---TP Link


Not necessarily in that order. Basta Okay sila

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DLINK? Im using a DLINK but the signal really sucks! Im on the 3rd floor of our house and the wi-fi signal is only found inside my room where the wireless router is setup. My sister, cant use wireless on her laptop downstairs in her room because of this. Im thinking of replacing this wireless router before the end of the year.

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I am using DLink right now.. But the signal ain't really that strong.. When I use my gadgets (i.e., Phone and LapTop) downstairs it can't pick up the signal.. However, I rarely really use the net outside of my office which is situated at the 2nd floor of our house.. So, I guess, I have to say that DLink works for me but it won't really work for everyone..

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