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  1. Most are married but we are still good friends and try to keep in touch .
  2. Hair get thinner, eyesight deteriorating, gaining weight more quickly and hard to lose it, aches and pains and for certainty; always a year older after your birthday.
  3. Cough,cold,runny nose, allergies….seasonal.
  4. A good guidepost on human behavior. Fascinating. How a virus brings the bestand worst in us. And this has happen before more than once since we humans starting inhabiting this planet.
  5. I like to live in an island and that is my Pinas. I just wish Pinas is like Hawai’i. Better infrastructures and people are more respectful to the environment and of one another with the ohana spirit. But life going into the 21st century has become more complicated because of Us, humans. But we have hope and the ability to change for the better. So act now.
  6. Madali Lang naguguyo sa internet. Dapat critical thinking.
  7. Grimaldi’s Pizza. Are they still open. A good place to eat after walking the Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan. Those were the days.
  8. An overnighter with my favorite paid companion.
  9. Apple watch since it’s inception. I stopped wearing “conventional watches “. What is annoying with smart watches is you have to charge them constantly.
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