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EV (Electric Cars) Philippines

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Since electric cars are already getting a foothold in the Philippines, share your experiences with the EV revolution in the Philippines. The BYD brand is being aggressively launch with an enticing price point.  Tesla is also here now but a bit pricier. The government has some incentives like NO coding for EV’S.  CHARGING STATIONS blues. Compare the cost between EV’s and ICE ( internal combustion engines). Charging rates difference in your house and commercial charging.  

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nadaan ako sa booth ng lexus a couple of weeks ako sa powerplant at ang ganda nung full ev car na naka display nila dun. i chatted with the sales person and maganda nman features at kasama na dun sa price nung car yung pagpunta nila sa bahay at pag install nung charger mismo kaso nga lang naka condo pa ako advisable lang sya ngaun if may sariling kang bahay.

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Hanggang ngayon di pa rin nasosolve ng EV ang biggest issue, which is yung charging infrastructure. 

Issue din yung battery production ng EVs, medyo questionable. Although sabi is overall, negative ang impact ng production ng EVs (read here: https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/17/1/249), I think need pa rin natin isipin yung recycling ng EVs. 

Another viable option ay Hydrogen-powered cars. At least with this, walang issue sa pag fill-out ng Hydrogen, pero may other issues din yan, lalo na yung complexity ng pag store ng Hydrogen fuel tanks (read here: https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/15/15/11501

Hanggang di nasosolusyonan etong issues na 'to, hindi ko nakikitang lalago yung EV market sa atin. Hybrid cars, maybe.

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