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Why I love MTC


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Guest raine_

hi bizman! kelan tayo work together? :glasses:


anyway, mtc has...


1) opened my doors in meeting new people - diverse group of people.

2) the threads are informative

3) people are able to express themselves

4) it keeps me glued for hours on my monitor instead of me spending

time and money in the mall.

same here =)

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I love MTC because here, I made friends among strangers, those who make the best support group in spite of bickering in the forums. I've met pervs with a heart, those who observe no religion but would invoke all the saints at your request. I believe the clinical term here is schizophrenia. :D I wuv 'em fellow schizos!

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i was able to meet lots of pipol & i have more options to choose whom i want to be friend of,. & avoid those who are to be afraid of (character,men...) :)

not to mention d comfort it gives me evrytym m weary...

eb's are perfect escape from anything i wanna avoid of.......

ts a perfect comfort zone for me. :blush:


:mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc:

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