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Why I love MTC


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Guest EvilAsh

I love MTC because I am finally with my people! The malibog people! It was also because of MTC that I found out there are alot of horny women out there. I mean I thought Filipino women were conservative but now I find out that with alittle confidence (and a lot of beer) you can get laid for free! Whodda thunk it? Kulang na lang makasama ako sa EB at makilala kayo lahat!


And I agree with you BizMan about guys with pretty girls in malls. Of course not ALL of them are paid pero most likely MOST of them are :evil: . Kung wala tayong magawa let's hire some girls tapos iparada natin sa Rockwell :P

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there are two reason i love and made me join this forum


1. it is too sad for any one of us to keep secret in our heart and die with it. we always want to express our deep secret to some one else, but without been hurt and could be recognized in other way, MTC offered a good place to let me express my self


2. a philosopher called hapiness is doing some thing freely by following your own heart, i think no need further explaination, because MTC make me happy.


how about you gurs?



VIAGRA on sale, PM me


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Why i love MTC ... bakit nga ba? ehehehe!!!


Eh syempre ... sino-sino pa bang magsasama-sama kundi tayong malilibog!!!


Mabuhay tayong lahat!!! (*naks!*)


Seriously speaking ... maraming lessons na matututunan dito sa forum na to ... that's why kahit I'm not always posting ... I never fail to drop by the forum ... Thanks for the company guys!

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Why I love MTC?


Kasi mga tao dito magaling makisama. Usually kasi mga ibang lalaki ayaw i-share mga babes nila or yung mga experiences nila. Dito sa MTC ... parang magkakapatid tayo na dapat pantay pantay ang experience e ... tangna, mas OK pa nga 'to kaysa sa barkada ko e (dami kasi k*ll joy sa grupo ko).


Anyway, noon hirap na hirap ako makahanap ng babae. Syempre, kakahiya naman magtanong sa iba di ba. Tapos kung gigimik man ako, di ko alam kung saan pupunta or anong gagawin or diskarte para maka-score. Dahil sa MTC, mas malakas na ang loob kong lumabas at humanap ng chicks. At higit sa lahat, makakatikim na rin ako ng ibang girls with no strings attached (salamat sa mga cellphone numbers).


Mga tol, di muna ako makakasama sa mga EB dahil wala ako sa Pilipinas ngayon ... pero pagbalik ko, babawi ako sa inyong lahat !!! Salamat sa pakikisama !



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i love MTC because before MTC was up malibog na ako. Sa tulong ng MTC lalo akong naging malibog. dati rati kalahati ng araw lang matigas ang etits ko. ngayon halos buong araw na!!!


pero MTC shows that we can have a network of people who share the same interests but are responsible enough to spread the info with others.


parang sa GMA, mga kapuso na mahilig sa ka-puke (kantot puke).



peace peeps

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I Love MTC....because its FRESHING, BUBBLY...once you pop you can't stop.....pag commercial ika nga... Pangalan na MTC pa lang...oks na.


But the best thing is yung samahan thru thick and thin ika nga....walang iwanan....pag may nalaglag tulungan ....wag iwanan....pag walang alam..... turuan...ESTE.. ..mali pala pag walang alam turuan ayon sa nararapat...


Enjoy life.....


There is a wonderful, mystical law of nature that the three

things we crave most in life--happiness, freedom, and peace

of mind--are always attained by giving them to someone


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Nyayyyy, bakit guest lumabas sa post ko?! well anyways, yun ganun.. may guapo pala dito ... hehe


Bizman. can i change my nick to Chiq_inLaB? hehehehe :oops:


Ano kaya nick nung kumag na yun dito.... hmmmm..... :evil:


Sayang di ako yung gwapong tinutukoy nya, anyway I love MTC kasi di lang pala sa opis namin daming malibog pati sa ibang opisina... hehehe normal pala ang opis na maraming manyak...


mga ka opis ko wag na kayong mag react kilala nyo na kong sino sino kayo..



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i love mtc as much as the next real guy!!!wala yata akong nakilala na hindi mahilig sa chiks cept for bading and i do agree a sense of belonging and brotherhood kahit di pa ko makarating sa eb.lagi na lang may nangyayari...anyways good things come to those who wait so see you sa dec 28 at yung may mga medical problem pm nyo na lang ako wala yang pf...wag maniwala sa tsismis!!! 8)

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As I browse more with all the threads here inManila Tonight I am amazed with the camarderie, encouragement, sharing and supportiveness of members and guests in their postings.


I have plenty of time to spare at work and definitely I will enjoy reading all postings here.


I laugh and laugh when I came to the ranking and compression of members. This reminds me when I was with my old job back home (pinas) wherein they give me a nickname of **** coz I'll never let my co-worker take a nap coz kalibugan kuwentuhan.


Definitely I gonna love MTC.

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