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Sex Or Love? What Makes Relationship Work?

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In my book, 60% love, 30% sex. Some people actually say that sex has nothing to do with making a relationship last. Well, that applies to a FEW but I believe sex is very important in a relationship (but not to a point that the relationship revolves around it.)

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i guess it depends on how serious are you about that particular relationship.


for me, a serious relationship would entail 100% love...counting sex as merely a bonus. like spaghetti, you consider the sex as the cheese...you can eat spag w/ or w/o cheese, and both would be delightful to the palate if your a pasta lover, but admittedly cheese do add a distinct and more wonderful taste.


i mean, if you want just the cheese, then you might as well eat a whole bar of cheese :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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for me 60% love and 40% sex. well after siguro ng sex all day everyday e you'll get tired din lalo na pag lahat na ng position nagawa nyo, porn doesnt work for you na, done it in public places...etc....there will always be a point of saturation...and thats when you need to have love for you to keep your relationship going. nothing beats the feeling of making love with the one you love! ;)

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hehehe funny na-pa smile tuloy ako sa comment ni pinkylicious... I thin there's alot of factors to consider whent its comes to making a relationship work... indeed yes sex is part of it. But i think it only counts to 5-10%. Love is about 30-40%.


Often we only look at these two factors only, and deny other factors... two of the other factors that could help make a realtionship work are compassion, and sense of security. Having compassion for your partner is very important in a relationship it's not healthy that one is more aggresive than the other, there should be understanding of roles... security is more on magical disappearance od worries even for temporary only...

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Precisely ...


As the saying goes, ung isa pang PAMILYA (Love), ung isa pang SPORTS (Sex)



wehehe!! kulit ni lomex. but seriously, both counts. we shouldn't isolate sex as something done out of love. besides, if u love someone, you would satisfy him or her in all aspects. mentally, emotionally, and even sexually. u begin to share each aspect of ur love without prejudice.

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