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Houston Rockets


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I think this team already deserve a room. They earned it!!!


12 Rafer Alston G 6-2 175

31 Shane Battier F 6-8 220

44 Chuck Hayes F 6-6 238

2 Luther Head G 6-3 185

5 Juwan Howard F 6-9 253

15 John Lucas III G 5-11 165

1 Tracy McGrady G-F 6-8 223

55 Dikembe Mutombo C 7-2 260

20 Steve Novak F 6-10 220

13 Kirk Snyder G 6-6 225

10 Vassilis Spanoulis G 6-4 195

25 Jake Tsakalidis C 7-2 290

6 Bonzi Wells G-F 6-5 210

11 Yao Ming C 7-6 310





Rockets (1 win) vs Utah (0 win)

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A thread for my boys, the Rockets!


Im a trueblue Rockets fan ... I mean ... I live in Houston for chrissake...


They have been doing pretty good in their past games and im really, really pleased.


They play stupid sometimes but ... theyre my boys.


And yes, this thread shall be pinned... I just didnt know there was a thread for them thats why its not pinned.


Yay! :P

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go rockets go! they are truly the dark horse sa western conference.. i hope they reach the conference finals.. :)


if the Warriors can upset the Mavs, then the Rockets are the favorite to go to the Conference Finals :cool:


Assuming they can win 2 more games against the Jazz ofcourse

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