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Vehicle Batteries?

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I prefer Motolite Excel Maintenance Free. I once used a Korean Brand (I forgot the name), OK din ang performance pareho lang ang warranty period but cheaper than motolite but I still prefer Motolite para sigurado.


AC Delco Maintenance Free . Mine is a euro-spec car so the positive and negative terminals are in reverse. OEM.


Yung Chev Optra namin reverse din ang terminal, I got a replacement battery at Motolite. Pero very rare ito sa Motolite.

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Guys, I have a dilemma.


Meron akong kia Carnival na I think is underpowered.


It used to have this battery: Rocket: SMF1000= AH 20hrs 100, AH 5 hrs 80, CCA 870, L-330 W-172, H-232


Its current battery is this one: Bosch S5= 60 AH 12v 530A


Nabasa ko sa ibang site na underpowered daw sya at isa itong rason kung bakit pwedeng masira palagi ang alternator at IC kaya ngayon naghahanap ako ng kapalit nya. Ito ang mga suggestion sa site na yun:


Atlas: 20hr 100amps, 5hr cap 80 amps, CCA 900, L-325, W-172, H-200.


Motolite Gold MF N70/3smf AH 75 amps, CCA 565, L-306, W-171, H-202.


motolite excel MF. n70/3smf AH 80, CCA 660, L 306, W 171, H 202.


Outlast battery N70 AH 90, CCA 400, L-306, W-170, H-230.


Motolite Low maintenance N100/6smf AH 105, CCA625, L-420, W- 176, H-190.(Parang di kasya...?)




Kakapalagay ko lang din kasi ng 9-inches na monitor sa may ceiling nya and I'm planning on installing a V12 amplifier plus additional speaker at the back-- yun pala mukhang additional load sila sa battery at alternator, lalo na at mababa ang rating ng battery.


Ito po ang mga problema ko:


1. Kailangan ba talaga palitan yung gamit ko ngayonna battery? Parang okay naman performance ng kia namin e. Kaya lang ayoko naman na masira muna yung IC or alternator bago palitan.


2. Kung kailangan na palitan, ano po kaya ang magandang ipalit?


Mas maganda sana kung motolite na brand dahil maraming nagbebenta nun dito sa amin, parang mahirap hanapin yung atlas e.


Thank you po!

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