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Shoe/sneaker Collection Anyone?


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ive recently started collecting sneakers mostly nikes and adidas ... anybody else do the same?







some of my collection.....






am1 premium






am1 skull packs



am ltd



mj vans prison issues






jordan 3's nc



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^^ try looking at crashoverride's shoes sa All about basketball shoes thread sa sports section.. Yun ang the best so far sa mga nakita kong collections.. He has the old ones plus it comes with boxes pa.. :P


Me, I like buying sneakers/basketball related shoes mostly Nike.. But wala na yung mga boxes.. I throw the boxes away kasi to minimize space..


I have several Jordans.. Jordans 11 and 13 (all low cut versions), Jordan 14, 18.. and two Jordan TRunners.. yung isang TRunner ko yung last year lang..


I have several Nikes: Air Max - running.. Air Max 360, Air Max 1997, Air Max 1992.. isang Presto - 1.. isang Air Force 1 (low cuts), 1 Cross Trainer, 1 Ace '83, 2 Badminton shoes, 1 Waffle, and three more Nike's that I dunno what they are called..


Nike Basketball: I have a Nike Shox (the first one) and the Vince Carter I..


Other sneaker lines: Addidas - Addicolor, 2 Puma's, 2 And1's, 1 Pony (Manhattan Midtown).. and 2 Chuck Taylors (one is the black leather used by Will Smith in IRobot)..


As of now, I love to wear my Air Max 360.. Ang sarap sa paa.. very very comfy.. My dream is to have the Addidas Adi-1 hi-cut (basketball) shoe retailing at 14,999.00.. Yikes!!! I'd rather buy myself a Colehaan at that price.. :P

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oh, sneakers, sneakers... i love collecting 'em. my friends say that it's an unhealthy addiction, knowing that i can't even wear 'em to work everyday. but who cares?? i've loved sneakers/trainers/rubber shoes (whatever you wanna call 'em) since childhood. i collect nike products, mostly shox. i have about 4 shox. i usually buy those that are for crosstraining and running. recently though, i'm being drawn to the football shoes section. really cool. and the best part, these shoes can be personalized. in case you haven't heard of it, check out the nikeid.com webpage. two thumbs up! :D

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ako din.. i started collecting last year pero unfortunately this year wala pa me nabibili =( budgeted na kasi pera ko haha! pero i love collecting air force 1 at jordans..


i have 2 air force le (different colorways lang)

melo 5.5 (black yung unang labas)

jordan IXX low le (grey/black colorway)


post pics of your kicks..i'll post mine hehe! thanks!

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