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Shoe/sneaker Collection Anyone?


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the rest of my keds


battered purple waffle trainers


unused yellow trainers (twin of my orange ones)


skechers w/ dragons on the top


battered green plaid rocketdogs w/ elastic laces


red puma


black chucks












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I used to have a thirty pair nike/adidas/puma/asics sneaker collection from the early eighties to mid nineties. The EVA/PVA they were using as midsoles at that time tended to become brittle and crumble over time so I had to get rid of them. Now I sort of wish I had used them instead.

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nice collection mat lab ... lovin the bursts and is that the 3m am1? are thos infrareds the history of air p[ack or the first retro? nice j's

nice kicks wyld .. what happened to the laaces btw? jk


tnx..yup that is the 3m am1. u i think u also have that infrareds huh?


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i collect sneakers. i prefer old skool, a 4 yr old chucks (blue), adidas samba (black), antelope (black with white and gold stripes) and a 31 yr old hawai (tobacco brown.. good thing my dad only used it twice.. :thumbsupsmiley: ), vans old skool (black with blue lining and sole)

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of the top of my head

some of my shoes, those i have worn out playing basketball includes the ff:

reebok hostile low

reebok satellite low

nike air zoom challenge

nike air implosion mid

nike MZ3

adidas streetball

adidas bromium III

puma trinomic XTC


current shoes include

nike air rival II

nike free 7

nike dust IV

adidas rekord

adidas cubato JS

adidas togo

adidas supernova cushion 6

adidas decade a3

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Na hook ako sa shoe line ng oakley (i got 6 pairs alread-ung iba nakatabi kasi nalalaspag na)


habanero http://www.zappos.com/images/724/7246593/985-269803-t.jpg


flesh http://img.epinions.com/images/opti/72/73/pr-Outdoor_Apparel-Oakley_Bottlecap_Flesh_Shoe_Mens-resized200.jpg


i also have the gray flesh model



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