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There was an Arapaima at Borromeo's Steak House near ABS-CBN around three years ago. The caretaker said that it eats around 1 kg of ground pork a day. When I saw it, it was around 4 or 5 feet. They bought it before for 6K when it was small, there was a collector who offered to buy it for over 100K. They claim that it took them almost a year to grow it to that size. True or not, I will never know.

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Discuss fishes are the best! :thumbsupsmiley: Its quite an achievement to grow them, actually those types of fish are for advanced aquarists. I tried to keep some but they died last year when the rainy season came in. :( There was a heavy rain one evening, and my tank is outdoor, no heater installed. :blush: Temperature dropped and came sunset, I had all of them floating dead. They were 5" tall already, blue diamonds. :cry:


Try making more frequent water changes, say 20% of the tank daily, may improve coloration. :)

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You really need a water heater in ther tank if you are into Discus fish bec they are quite sensitive to tempearture changes actually they don't die that fast they will first turn brownish gray and their upper fins will fold then they'll refuse to eat and slowly die. It is quite contagious and will affect other discus as well if they are in the same tank.

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Guest BDC0425

ak0 naman dati is mga 0rdinary fish lang but later i shifted t0 salt water g0t 2 aquarium ngay0n isang 166 gal(empty) na pasadya and isang 75 gal0n na may mga small fishes h0ping na f0r the next few m0nths when i get t0 m0ve 0ut sa bahay namin and 0n my 0wn ma set up k0 na siya. I used t0 0wn 1 piranha na bigay ng friend ng br0 k0 it was mga 6 inches na kaya lang pinamigay sa jail warden miss k0 tul0y ang piranha k0. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:



:mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc: :mtc:

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just a question guys, how can i keep the colors of my flowerhorn pellets doesnt work for them....


1. Maintain good water condition

2. If male and you can afford to do so, put a glass/acrylic border in the middle and put another male on the other side, this increases aggression and will enhance their coloration and size of their kok'

3. I don't know if you've tried but I've had fairly good success by coating my pellets with paprika powder. Wierd but it works for me.

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If you know anyone who owns a fish farm and would like to purchase bulk orders of live 'Soon Hock' fish aka King of Freshwater fish in Chinese Cuisines. Please PM me.


Also offered are Mass orders of Flower Horns as well as Arowana's all shipped from Singapore. (Any kinds)

Also definately a very profitable business if you guys were to do it !

This fish when bought while still young and raised in the philipines would definitely make your business profitable as this fish is very highly fought in Malaysia and Singapore as it is always eaten on Chinese Restos as well as special occassions. Minimum orders and if raised properly would more or less give you back - $196k USD with the Current market price - dats what you can get back annualy. (converted - P10million pesos)


ok look at this link about crystal jade (a popular chinese restaurant) about the 'Soon Hock':



Msg if interested for the price range. Tnx

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