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Latest Gadgets U Have Bought ?

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Here's my latest GADGET I have bought


7" Portable Widescreen DVD Player with Rotating Screen, made by an unheard company called COBY.




it costs me 12,500 pesos at Virramall Square at Greenhills, i just bought it last night


I'll make a review of it after i've done testing it with assorted CDs, DVDs, DVD RW etc


how about you, what's the latest gadget you have bought recently ?

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Me? I've got a creative Neeon from Singapore that cost a lot cheaper here in P.I. I've loaded lots of mp3's and WMA's already and i cnt get enough of it! 5GB of space! pretty cool thing. Just one cons, it doesn't have an AC charger, and you must plug it on your computer's USB port. Good thing i own a laptop! *wolves

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Just bought an Blurtooth GPS unit that can sync with my xda2, paired with an GPS software and map of Metro Manila, i know exactly where i am anytime. :cool:


Dude, where'd you buy your GPS unit? I'd like to be able to use it with my XDA IIs. I already have the software to find my way around. :unsure:


Oh I discussed my new gadget in another thread but here it is again. My Creative Zen Vision :D


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i just bought a digilife ddv-720 digital camcoder ..

also bought a digilife ddv-7000, which is essentially a 720 with different casing, a couple of months ago but for a higher price around 11k from a dealer friend. charger was defective within a month but was replaced with no questions asked. very xclwear video. the only problem with it is video under low light as it doesnt have night mode for video. good thing about hybrids like these are that they use lithium np60 batteries similiar to nokia.

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2 Vimicro webcams (great picture quality) for 1,200 pesos (free delivery) so I can see my son when I do YM with my wife. :thumbsupsmiley:


4-pack 2500maH AA Kodak batteries ( for 350 in kodak shop near my wife's house; 400 in SM)


Kodak C360+ generic case + 1GB Sandisk Ultra II SD card + 5 year warranty for $290 :D


Starwars Jedi el cheapo watch (boba fett/ han solo in aluminum canister) for $1.99 at burger king :thumbsupsmiley:

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