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Secluded Beautiful Beaches Of The Philippines - Merged Thread

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Davao Oriental is promoting Dahican Beach as the Boracay of Mindanao... I've visited the place last week... There are no good resorts, for small nipa hut cottages without toilet the rate is around P2.5k per night, there are also no places to dine. There are hardly any public transportation so its easy to get stranded.

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Coron's also nice, just make sure to add a boat ride to your list of things to do, since a Coron stay is better if you visit the nearest places. Always go for Kayangan Lake or the Twin Lagoons, or alternatively Banana Island. Malcapuya Island might be good, but last time I visited kasi there's quite a bit of development na eh, so it's not too secluded anymore. Beaches were still white though, I don't know now.


Last we tried it was PhP 4000 a day for a boat for a group of eight. Lifevests complete for swimming out, but goggles/snorkels nope. Had to buy them separately, or probably bring one next time. Lots of nice places to snorkel especially in the places mentioned above.


Lots of diving spots too if you'd like to see some shipwrecks. I know there's a PT boat wreck that can be accessed without diving gear since it's just close to the surface.


A nice place to stay the nights in while there would be La Sirenetta in Coron. Had a friend back then who lived in Culion, and he had a friend who actually owned one of the smaller islands. Really secluded places (not so much in Coron though, quite a bit of foreigners the last couple of times I visited).


Lemme just see if I have some good photos to share. I'm quite a dinosaur when it comes to recording the places I go.

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