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  1. I would like to know the best inland beach in the Philippines. Sometimes it would be nice if we could just pack our bags, load it up in the van, and drive to your destination. No hassles of buying tickets, removing your shoes in the airport security, delayed flights, you know what I mean. The Goal..To find an Inland beach that is similar to Boracay. Why Boracay? Because of its WHITE POWDERY sand that doesnt get hot even in the middle of the afternoon, its gentle slope to the water which makes it child friendly, no pebbles/rocks that might hurt when you walk barefoot and of course the clear water with gentle waves. Again, my goal is to find a good inland beach that is similar to Boracay. You probably have one in your province or better yet own one. It doesnt have to have restaurants or resorts, even if its only access is a rough road. The only criteria is it should be similar to Boracay as described above. Thank you and I hope for your recommendations !!
  2. just want to check whos into classic cars. right now i have a 71 mopar satellite sebring with a 360 still in the works and a 64 triumph tr4 convertible. in the future (and if my wallet permits) i want a mr.slim. so anyone selling a mr.slim thats affordable please pm me!! please list your prized possession, be it american,european, japanese basta classic!!
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