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  1. Safety first babe

  2. naked cuddling (with innapropriate touching and groping) to warm eachother
  3. Stay safe. Ang lakas ng ulan. And buong pilipinas covered

  4. Game development naman. Para ma apply ko yung skills and profession sa Design hehehe
  5. It's mainly a cultural thing kasi even in pre colonial philippines. Most consider it as a right of passage to manhood. Although may studies naman na nag o outline ng benefits niya pero it's mainly on the hygienic side. Little to no smegma will form on the dick and it's easier to clean. Although uncircumsed penis can be cleaned thouroughly lang din naman. Hence why I believe circumcision should be purely by choice of the person or the kid. If you can wash your armpits and apply deodorant on it, surely maintaining your dick isn't hard.
  6. you really can't stop people from having sex and feeling those urges and desires kaya it's better talaga to arm them with the knowledge and educate them about the consequences and how to prevent those while doing the deed
  7. There should be a balance between what your heart wants and what your rational mind sees. You cant make a decision with having just 1 of the two
  8. true naman haha. Kiss kita jan eh 😙
  9. Don't you just want a lived in partner who would randomly grope you, and touch you aside from all the intimate things that a couple has.

  10. No. Not yet at least 😉 Malandi lang talaga ako HAHAHA
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